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It is a limited-capacity memory system.

Which of the following is TRUE of short-term memory?

Either the first or the last candidate will be best remembered

George just graduated from college and is going on his first job interview. He has learned that there are two other candidates. Because of the information he has learned about the serial position effect, George asks to be either the first or the last candidate interviewed. Why?

Essay Question

Already fluent in Spanish, Benny is attempting to learn French. Explain which type of interference Benny is likely to experience and why.

did not notice the woman at the next table who was putting food in her handbag

You are amazed at how the server in the fancy restaurant accurately remembered all of the orders from you and your eleven friends without writing them down. It is likely that while the server was taking your orders, he


Steve is studying with his friend Mike for their biology test. Mike asks Steve about a particular concept and Steve replies, "I know I was in class that day but I don't even have that in my notes. Are you sure the professor mentioned it?" Steve is demonstrating a(n) ________ failure.

deeply processed this information

Fifteen-year old Matt and his father are in an electronics store looking at video game systems. Matt gives his father a complete breakdown of the pros and cons of each of the different video game systems on display. Matt is able to accurately recall all of these details because he has

NOT: executive

You are doing a service learning project at a local hospital. One of the patients, Mr. Lee, can talk for hours about his boyhood experiences. Family and friends marvel at how well he remembers his past despite the fact that he has a memory span of about two digits. Baddeley would say that Mr. Lee has a problem with his ________ functions.

the phonological loop; the visuospatial working memory

According to Baddeley, ________ and ________ assist the central executive.


________ memory is the ability to recount your memory in words


Being able to consciously recall information from the past and recite it, involves what type of memory?


Implicit memory, procedural memory, and priming are all associated with ________ memory

episodic; procedural

If you remember dancing at your high school prom, it is an example of ________ memory; if you showed me the dance steps you used, it is an example of ________ memory

NOT: recognition

The activation of information that a person already has in storage is referred to as

have a script for what happens in a restaurant

Although you had never been to the Fancy Foods Restaurant in your town, you were not at all surprised when the hostess seated you, handed you the menu, and informed you that your server would soon take your dinner order. Sure enough, a man in a tuxedo came to your table and asked you what you would like to eat. You knew all of this was going to happen at the restaurant because you

NOT: why students should study exam material over a period of days instead of hours

Long-term potentiation is a concept that explains

NOT: recall versus recognition

Kim was telling her friend about her most recent trip to her grandmother's house, but was having trouble remembering certain details. Later that month she visited her grandmother again and the details came flooding back. This is an example of

half of the children had notable errors and distortions in their memories of the episode.

In the Chowchilla, California kidnapping case, school children were kidnapped at gunpoint and buried for 16 hours before escaping. Several years after the event, a child psychiatrist interviewed the children. She reported that

motivated forgetting

Repression is


Jillian used to be fluent in Spanish, but has since learned to speak French. She now finds it difficult to remember much of her Spanish. She is experiencing ________ interference

effortful retrieval

The tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon is a type of


In H. M.'s surgery, the part of his brain responsible for laying down new memories was damaged beyond repair. The result was

Yes; amnesia involving new events is called antero-grade amnesia

A soap opera character who had a major head trauma cannot remember any post-injury people or events, but his memory for people and events prior to his injury is perfect. Is this fictional tale possible in the real world?

test yourself

Which of the following is NOT a study tip that focuses on the encoding process?

better adjusted

People who describe life experiences as going from bad to better are ________ than people who describe life experiences as going from good to bad.

"Use it or lose it."

The adage most appropriate to memory function and aging is

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