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Review key concepts for RCarrero's class.

cell membrane is composed of...

phospholipids, cholesterol, proteins

cell structures are...

cell membrane, nucleus, cytoplasm, organelles

selectively permeable...

means membrane allows only certain substances to pass through

nucleus contains...

DNA and nucleoli

no nucleus..

red blood cells


is in nucleus, forms ribosomal RNA


folds in cell membrane

golgi apparatus...

synthesizes carbohydrates, secrets them from cell


digests worn out cell parts and bacteria


site of energy (ATP) production


long, tail-like, provides movement (motility)


site of protein synthesis, on the rough ER and in the cytoplasm

7 epithelial tissues are...

simple squamous, stratified squamous, transitional, cuboidal, columnar, ciliated, glandular (glands)

neuron =

nerve cell

7 connective tissues are...

blood, areolar, adipose, fibrous, elastic, bone, cartilage

3 muscle tissues are...

skeletal (voluntary), smooth (involuntary), cardiac

function of epithelial tissues =

cover or line

function of connective tissues =

support; has a liquid or fibrous matrix

matrix =

structure; can be liquid or fiber

function of muscle tissue =

contraction; movement

function of nerve tissue =

generate and transmit electrical impulses

function of membranes =

cover or line surfaces

membranes are...

sheets of tissue that cover or line surfaces and organs

2 epithelial membranes are...

serous and mucous

serous secretions are...


mucous secretions (mucus) are...


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