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brand commall the various brand mk/com strategies that maintain a coherent brand concept or imagebrand integritya brand is more believable because what it says and does matches what others say about itbrand linkage testreseach method that asks viewers to link a specific brand or produt category to a specific commercialbrand valueenhanced meaning of a brand that adds worth to products and servicesbreakeven analysistype of payout plan that seeks to determine the point at which the total cost of the promo excees the total revenues, IDing the point where the effore cannot break evenbroadsheetsnewspaper with a page size 8 columns wide and 22 inches deepcall centersfacilities that do inbound or outbound calls for an orgcarryover effectsresidual effects in the mind of the adv message after the adv period has endedcatalogmultipage direct-mail publication that shows a variety of merchcause marketingsponsoring goood cause in the hope that the association will result in positive public opinion about the compcease-and-desist orderFTC rememdy for false adv that tells the advertisor to STOPchange agentprograms and individuals whose goals it is to change the attitutdes that drive hevariorchannel mkmk efforts directed at members of the distribution channelcirculation# of copies soldclaim substantiationresonable basis for making an assertion about product performanceclick-through ratesdivides the # fo times the ad was presented on a website by the # of times it was clicked on by the viewerscobrandingproduct offered b 2 comps with both company's brands presentcode of ethicsrules and standards for a system of socailly repsonsible professional practicecold callcalls to leads which have not been qualifies as interested, or to random phone numberscollateral materialbrochuse and other forms of product lit in support of an adv effortcommercial speechwe can say what we want to promote commercial activity (1st amendment)communication auditbackground research that assesses the internal/external PR environment that affects the org's audience, objectives, competitors, and past resultscomparative advmessaging strategy that expicitly or implicitly compares th features of 2 or more brandscompiled listmerges several lists in database mk and deletes duplicatesconsent decreeformal FTC agreement with an advtiser that tells it to stop its deceptive practicescontact pointsthe media, as well as other places and ways, where a consumer engages in a brand experiencecontinuity programA program designed to encourage loyalty and repeat purchasescontrolled mediamedia that the direct marketer knows or has delivered through carefully controlled criteria by a contracted companyconversion rateschanging a prospect into a customercorp relationsrelations between a corp and the public involving an org's image and reputationcorp social responsibilityprorgams designed to create a platform of good citizenship for corps and toher orgscorporate adva type of adv used by firms to build awareness of a comp, it's products and nthe nature of its businesscorporate id advpromo method aimed at enhancing or maintaining a company's reputation in the marketplacecorporate imagea perception of a company that its stakeholders create in their minds from messages and experiences with the companycorrective advan FTC directive that requires an advertiser to run truthful ads to counter deceptive adscost-per-leadrecord of how well a click-though generates prospectcouponslegal certificats that grant speciic savings on selecteed product when presented for redemption at the point ofcoverageThe degree to which a particular advertising medium delivers audiences within a specific geographical areacrisis managementmanagement of peope and events during times of great danger or troublecross promotiona type if cooperative mk program in which mks use associations between complementary brands to create a joint promo programcross-functional mgmta practice that uses teams to coordinante activities that involve different areas in and outside a companycross-media integrationa practice of using a variety of media and messages that work together to create a coherent brand impressioncultural imperialismimposing a foreign culture on a local culturedata miningshifting through and sorting a company's computer database records to target customers and maintain relationships with themdatabaseslists of consumers for targeting them and maintaining relationshipsdeceptive advadv that misleads consumers by making claims that are false or don't disclose infodemand creationan external message creates a want or needdigital ecosystemdigital experiences consumers have with a branddirect-response brand commpurchase that motivates an immediate response usually leading to a purchase without the intermediary impact of a retailer or sales repdirect-response mkmultichannel that connects sellers and customer directly rather than through an intermediary like a retailerendorsementany adv message that consumers reasonably believe reflects the opinions, beliefs, or experiences of an individual, group, or institutionevent mkcreating a promo program around a sponsored eventexperiential mkConnecting a brand and a prospective customer in a personal and involving wayextranetsnetworked systems of electroic comm that allow employees to be in contact with each other in one buisnes with its business partnersfeature storiesmedia: these are human-interest stories, in contrast to hard newsFederal Commuications Commissionregulartes broadcast media, eliminates deceptive/offensive adsfinancial relationscomm with the financial communityfrequency programdesigned to encourage repeat purchasesfulfillmentback-end operations of direct mk, assembling, shipping, returns, etcfundraisingaka strategic philanthropy--raising money through donationsgamepromo that encourages customers to return to a business several times in order to increase the chances of winninggap analysisresearch technique that measure the differences in perceptins and attitudes between groups or between them and the orggatekeepershave direct relations with the public--writers, producers, editors, talk-show coordinators, newscasters, etcgross impressionssum of all the audiences of all the media vehicles used within a designated time spanguaranteed circulationpubs guarantee to advt that a certain # of copies will be circulatedheuristic evala process fo discovery leading to the eval of the effectiveness of user experienceshouse adad by an org in its own pubhouse listcompilation of an org's past customers/membersimplied 3rd-party endorsementwhen the media endorses a product and the public finds it credibleinbound telemkincoming calls initiated by the customerindirect advadv that features a related product or idea instead of the primary productinquiry testseval that measures the # of responses to a msginstantaneous effectsimmediate responses to adv and other marcom, as opposed to delayed or carryover impactintegrated direct mkIDM--a method of acheive precise, sunchonized se of a tighted targeted medium at the right time, with a measuravle return on dollars spent. Also known as integrated relationship mkintegrated perceptionprocess of synergy creates a coherent brand impression--a perception of a brand--from a multitude of msg, mentions, and personal experiencesintegration triagnleSay, Do, Confirm: 3 key aspects of brand comm: 1. what the org/brand says about itself, 2. how it performs, 3. what others say about itinternal mkroviding info about mk activity and promoting it internally to employeesinternational advadv designed to promote the same product in a number of countriesintranetsnetworked systems of electonic comm that allow employees to be in touch with one another from various locationsissue mgmtthe practice of advising orgs and senior management on how public opinion is coalescing around certain issueskey influencerspersons of knowledge or authority who serve as opinion leaders within a social networkkey performance indicatorsIDing the most reliable factors that drive effectiveness and business successlatent publicsthose people who are unaware of their connection to an org regarding a problemlead agencyin int mk, the agency that devlops the campaignlicensingan org "rents" a brand to another orglifetime customer valueLCV--an estimate of the revenue coming from a particular customer over the lifetime pf the relationshiplocalizationa strategy in local adv that adapts the message to local culturesmaven mkpeople who are considered experts about a topicmeasurabl objectivesbrand comm--how well it meets its objective which must be specific, clear and measerable in terms of a starting baseline and a goal.media kitaka press kit--contains important info for press membersmedia optimizationbest use of various comm methods to promote the companymedia relationsrelationships with media contactsmedia tourtraveling press conference in which the org's spokesperson travels to different cities and meets with the local mediamergingcombining multiple lists of datamission mkcommitting support of a good cause to an org for the long termmk imperialismimposes foreign cultural values on a local culture with different values and traditionsmk public relationsMPR--supports mk's product and sales focus by increasing the brand's and org's credibility with onsumersnews releasedelivers PR messages to the medianews valuequality of info that makes it of interest to new editors based on sucn considerations as timeliness, proximity, impact or human interestnormsrules each culture uses to define behaviorobjective-task methodbudgeting approach based on costs of reaching an objectiveofferdirect mk tool giving cusomers info, and an incentirve for quick acction in buyingone-step offermessage that asks for a direct sales response and has a mechanism for responding to the offeroptimizationcomputer modeling that helps media planners determine the relative impact and efficiency of various media mixesoutcomeevaluation techniques that determine the effect of comm on the target audienceoutput# of PR and contacts that led to stories or mentions in news storiespayout analysiscomparison of the cost of a promo against the forecasted sales generated by the promopayout planning/analysisevaluation of the effectiveness of a sales promoin terms of its financial returns by comparing the costs of the promo to the forecasted sales of the promopercentage-of-sales methodbudgeting: relationship between the cost of adv and total salespermission mkthe consumer controls the process of mk, agrees to receive comm from the org and consciously signs uppitch letterletter to a media outlet that outlines a possible story idea that the PR person would like to providepoint-of-purchases materialsin-store merchandising materials that use such promo materials as aisle displays, shelf signs, and window posters to feature a brand and its promo offerpost-testingdetermines the effectiveness of the comm effort from a message/campaignPRrelationships with publics to maintain brand/org imagepredictive dialingtelemk orgs can call anyone by using a trial-and-error dialing programpremiumtangible reward/handout for performing an actpress conferencepublic gatherin or media people for the purpose of establishing an org's position or making a statementpretestingevaluative research of finished or nearly finished ads that leads to a go/no-go decisionprice dealtemporary reduction in the price of a productprospectingin database mk, this is the process of iding prospects based on how well they match certain user characteristicspublic affairsrelating to gov and regulation, relations between an org/public/govpublic comm campaignssocial issue campaigns undertaken by nonprofit orgs as a conscous effort to influence the thoughts or actions of the publicpublic opinionpeople's beliefs, based on their conceptions or evaluations of something rather than on ffactpublicityinfo that catches public interest and is relatyed through the news mediapublicsall groups of people with an org interactspufferypraising a product/servce using subkective opinions, superlative, and similar techniques that are not based on objective factpurgingdeleting duplicate info after lists of data are combinedratings% of population or households tuned to a programreadership# of readers of print mediarecall testasks member of an ad's audience if they remembered what an ad contained after a showingrecency, frequency, monetary (RFM)3 criteria that help direct mks predict who among the customer base is likely to be repeat buyersrecognition testshows ad to member and asks if they have seen it beforerelational databasesdatabases used for profiling and segmenting potential customers and providing contact inforelationshhuip mkIDing and maintaining contact with high-value customersreputation mgmtthe trust stakeholders have in an orgresponse listlist of people who respond to a direct-mail offersales promostimulates consumer purchasing and dealer effectivenesssamplingallowing the consumer to experience the product at no costscanner researchtracks consumer purchases and compares the marcom received by the consumer's householdself-liquidatortype of mail premium that requires a payment sufficient to cover the cost of the itemsemicontrolled mediamedia, such as the internet, msgs can be controlled by an org in some ways, but that also contains some uncontrolledsemiotic testingqualitative research method designed to uncover layers and type of meaningsshare of mindis a brand well known in its category?share of wallet$ spent on a brandsingle-source datadata collected from single-source research, which combines scanner data and cable viewing data to determine the relationships between TV adv and salessingle-source researchtest running after an ad campaign to show relationship between marcom and salessituation analysisin a campaign plan, the 1st section that talks about background info/research and analyze its significancesocial responsibilitya corporate philosophy based on ethical valuesSWOT analysisanalysis of an org's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.SoLoMosocial, local, mobile mk--emphasis on local mk overallspeakers' bureaupublic relations tool that IDs a group of articulate people who an talk about an orgspecialty advfree gifts or rewards requiring no purchase and carrying a reminder ad messagespherical branding360 degree planning that means that no matter what your angle of vision, the brand always looks the samesponsorshipsarrangement in which an org contributes to the expenses of a cause or event to increase the perceived value of the sponsor's brand in the mind of the consumerspoofingassuming the ID of an org to send spam mailstandardizationin internal adv, the use of campaigns that vary little across different culturesstrategic consistencymessages vary with the interest of the stakeholder but the brand strategy remains the same, projecting a coherent image and positionstrategic philanthropyphilanthropy involves contributions of time, resouces, or money to a good cause, it's strategic thwne it is aligned with an org or brand missionsurrogate measuresmental responses to a message that may predict eventual sales impactsweepstakesrequiring only one's name to entersynergistic effectsevaluation that seeks to determine if the sum of the individual promo effort is greater than if the areas are used separatelytest mkan eval method that launches a campaign ss several different but similar MKS bt with diferent levels of media activity or diferent message alternativestie-in promopreprinted ads that are provided bu the adv to be glued into the binding of a magtotal audiencetechnique determining the total # of readers for a magtotal commpractice of monitoring and managing all sources of brand commtouch pointscontact points where customer interact with the brand and recevie brand messagestown hall forumsmeetings within an org for an internal mk program with employees to inform them and encourage their supporttracking studiesstudies that follow the purchase of a brand or the purchases of a specfici consumer group over timetrade dealretailer agrees to give the manufacturer's product a special promo efor in return for promo discounts, goods, or cashtwo-step offermessage that is designed to generate lears, answer consumer questions or set up appointmentsunaided recallone can remember something by oneselfuncontrolled mediamedia that include the press release, the press conference, and media toursunified visionvision of what the brand stands for that is shared by all stakeholdersuniform resource locator (URLs)registered/protected domain namesvariable data campaignstechnology personalizes direct-mail campaignsvideo news releases (VNRs)contain video footage that can be used during a TV newscastKing of digital mediaEmail, also websites are criticalMedia placement questionsWho to reach? What to say so it's relevant? Where to say? How to track ROI? CONSISTENCY.3 kinds of OOHTraditional, ambient, experiential. To overcome jadedness3 junk mail pilesToss asap: irrelevant, bad "feel", too wordy. Stop and toss: headline and "feel" are most important. Stop and lock: RELEVANCE, simplicity and cleanliness4 P's of Direct MailProspect? Problem? Proposition? Proof?3 promo toolsAdv: inform/activate PR: increase exposure, add credibility Sales P: enforce messaging/increase trial useSales Pfocuses on conversion rate. Involve the customerB2B VS. B2CProduct vs. story, cost vs. USP, profit vs. satisfaction, group vs. indi decisions, testimonal sources4 B2B and their concernsResellers: turnover rate. Manufacturers: prompt delivery. Nonprofits: low expenses/donor accountability. US Gov: spec3 global comp hurdlesLanguage--translates accurately? Concept/relevance--translates culturally? What are the right media to advertise?Adv ethicsHonesty, sexuality, solicitation, privacy, overindulgence, cursing, overbilling clients, orgs paying for twitter follows5 C's of ethical advfeature the Core Concepts, Critical thinking, creativity, communication, collab