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  1. urobilinogen
  2. urinary frequency
  3. glycosuria
  4. nocturia
  5. creatinuria
  1. a a derivative of bilirubin formed by the action of intestinal bacteria
  2. b voiding more than 10 times in 24 hours
  3. c excessive urination at night
  4. d prescence of glucose in the urine
  5. e an increase concentration of creatine in the urine

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  1. excessive production of urine
  2. the prescence of pus in the urine
  3. prescence of calcium in the urine
  4. the prescence of the serum protein albumin in the urine
  5. the presence of RBC's in urine

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  1. urochromethe yellow pigment that gives color to urine


  2. oliguriaexcessive production of urine


  3. dysuriapainful or diffucult urination


  4. turbidhaving a cloudy appearance


  5. bilirubindecreased urine production