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  1. glycosuria
  2. ketonuria
  3. ketones
  4. turbid
  5. urinalysis
  1. a a group of chemical substances produced during increased metabolism of fat.
  2. b having a cloudy appearance
  3. c the physical chemical and microscopic examination of urine and its components
  4. d prescence of glucose in the urine
  5. e presence of ketones in the urine

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  1. excessive urination at night
  2. decreased urine production
  3. derived from hemoglobin in RBC's that have completed their life span and are normally ingested by the liver, spleen and bone marrow. Formed in the liver.
  4. the yellow pigment that gives color to urine
  5. voiding more than 10 times in 24 hours

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  1. albuminuriathe prescence of the serum protein albumin in the urine


  2. proteinuriaan excess of serum protein in the urine


  3. pyuriaexcessive production of urine


  4. myoglobina dark substance of skin, hair and certain tumors


  5. anuriaabsence of urine production; complete failure of kidney function