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  1. urobilinogen
  2. refractometer
  3. myoglobin
  4. proteinuria
  5. urinometer
  1. a a derivative of bilirubin formed by the action of intestinal bacteria
  2. b an instrument measuring light refraction as it passes through a liquid-specific gravity.
  3. c an excess of serum protein in the urine
  4. d a pigmented protein found in muscle tissue
  5. e a float with a calibrated stem for measuring specific gravity

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  1. the presence of RBC's in urine
  2. derived from hemoglobin in RBC's that have completed their life span and are normally ingested by the liver, spleen and bone marrow. Formed in the liver.
  3. the physical chemical and microscopic examination of urine and its components
  4. excessive production of urine
  5. the prescence of the serum protein albumin in the urine

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  1. specific gravityan excess of serum protein in the urine


  2. calciuriaprescence of calcium in the urine


  3. opalescanthaving a milky irridescence


  4. glycosuriapainful or diffucult urination


  5. oliguriaexcessive production of urine