U.S. History Expansion Unit

Identify in order where these events were located: Treaty of Paris, Louisiana Purchase, Red River Basin, Florida Cession, Texas Annexation, Oregon Country, Mexican Cession, Gadsden Purchase , Alaska, and Hawaii. (Look on Map)
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What was the significance of the Battle at Wounded Knee?It brought the Indian Wars to a bitter end.What were the effects of the destruction of buffalo on the Native Americans?If the American Indians didn't have buffalo, they wouldn't be able to provide for food, shelter, and clothes.What were the differences in views of the White settlers and Native Americans in regards to land, religion, and importance of buffalo?White Settlers owned land, believed in one god, and used buffalo for games. American Indians had no land, believed in many spiritual beings, and used buffalo for daily needs.What were the outcomes of the Mexican-American War? What was the name of the treaty that ended the war?Mexico lost 55% of it's land. (Largest land acquisition in the U.S.) Treaty if Guadalupe Hidalgo.Define Assimilation.When Native Americans were expected to give up their beliefs and way of life and become part of the white culture.Define the Dawes Act. Why did this Act fail?It was to Americanize the Native Americans by cultivating in them the desire to own property and to farm. It failed because it didn't benefit the Native Americans, and the land made for them was eventually taken by speculators and white settlers.What did the Homestead Act give to white settlers? **It offered 160 acres of land free to anyone who would live on and cultivate it for 5 years.Define Monroe Doctrine. **It stated that European countries should stay out of the Western Hemisphere. (U.S. couldn't enforce it.)Why did the War of 1812 start? **U.S. fought England due to England capturing U.S. ships and British forts still located in Great Lakes region. (British wanted to strangle U.S. trade)What were the important outcomes of the War of 1812? **It confirmed American Independence and strengthened Nationalism, Britain and U.S. agreed to limit warships on the Great Lakes, Cast aside remaining British forts in the U.S., and agreed to a 10 yr occupation of Oregon territory.What were two trails that white settlers used to move West? **Oregon Trail and Bozeman TrialWhat were the issues and problems that Native Americans deal with today?U.S. Census counted 2.9 million Native Americans, 50% left reservations to move to cities, Unemployment and Alcoholism are common on today's reservations.