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Which is a congenital deformity of one or both of the feet in which the foot is turned both medially and downward

Talipes equinovarus

Which is a fracture in which the bone is crushed into many small pieces


The patient had arthroscopic surgery of the knee joint to repair a torn:


Gold compound drugs inhibit the immune system. They are used to treat:

Rheumatoid arthritis

AKA and BKA are abbreviations for which type of sugery?


If a patient had a fracture of the zygomatic arch, it would involve:

one of the facial bones

Which fracture would be found in children, because a child's bones are still flexible?


Which condition would most probably require an ORIF?
a) hairline fracture
b) nondisplaced fracture
c) compound fracture
d) simple fracture

compound fracture

The patient had an arthroplasty of his hip. Which is an abbreviation for this surgery?


The socket in the hip bone where the femur forms a joint is known as the:


The common name for kyphosis is:


The results of the bone densitometry test show that Alaina Smith has abnormal thinning of bone due to postmenopausal:


Swayback, or an anterior curvature of the lumbar spine, is known as:


The patient with gout will show an elevated level of _____ in his blood.

uric acid

Crepitus is:

a grinding noise heard as bone ends rub together

Bone cells that eat away old or damaged bone, releasing calcium into the blood, are called:


Ankylosing spondylitis is a chronic inflammation with fusing together of the:


Which is a treatment for severe scoliosis of the spine?

spinal fusion

Which is a degenerative condition of the spine in which one vertebra slips out of alignment over another vertebra?


The patient was diagnosed with avascular necrosis of the _____ epiphysis


The part of the skull that forms the lower back of the head is the _____ bone


Osteotome and rongeur are:

orthopedic surgical instruments

DJD is also known as:


All of the following are facial bones except:
a) sphenoid
b) lacrimal
c) zygomatic
d) manibulat


Ribs 8-10 are referred to as:

false ribs

Which section of the vertibrae is located in the lower back?


Which is the medical word for collarbone?


Which is the medical word for the bone on the thumb side of the forearm?


Which is the name for each bony prominence on the medical and lateral aspects of the lower leg?


The eight small bones of the wrist joint are known as the:

carpal bones

Which is the medical word for the tail bone?


Which is the medical word for the thigh bone?


Sugically created portal is a phrase associated with:


Infection in the bone and bone marrow is known as:


Which is the medical word for humpback?


The orthopedic surgery that uses an external fixator device is:

leg lengthening

Which is a surgical procedure performed to fuse the bones in a degenerated, unstable joint?


Which drugs inhibit bone from being broken down?

bone resorption inhibitor drugs

The abbreviation DIP means:

distal interphalangeal joint

Pain in the joints is known as:


An open fracture is also known as a ____ fracture?


All of the following are true about NSAIDs except:
a) they can treat pain
b) they can treat osteoarthritis & orthopedic injuries
c) they are corticosteriods
d) they can treat inflammation

C- they are coticosteroids

Which is the verticle bone of the anterior thorax to which the clavicle and the ribs are attached?


The hinge-type and balll-and-socket joints are examples of _____joints.


Which is the largest of the ankle bones?


Which is the central bony skeleton around which other parts move?


Which of the following is not part of the cranium?
a) frontal bone
b) pariental bone
c) sagittal suture
d) sacrum


Which of the following bones of the chest is also known as the breast bone?


How many pairs of ribs are there?


A person who falls down onto an outstrestched hand might substain a/an _______


Which is an example of a hinge-type joint?


Osscous tissue pertains to:


The shaft of a long bone is called the:


During childhood, cartilaginous tissue is gradually replaced by bony tissue in a process known as:


The humerus is the:

bone in the upper arm

The meniscus is a

crescent-shaped cartilage pad

The ulna is the:

forearm bone located along the little finger side of the lower arm

Facial bones that form the lateral edges of the eye sockets and the cheek bones ae called the:

zygomatic bones

Which is a benign tumor of the cartilage?


A transverse fracture is:

perpendicular to the long axis of the bone

Bone growth takes place at the:

epiphysial plates

Which combining form means cartilage?


The combing form spondyl/o has the same medical meaning as which combining form?


The pubic _____ is a type of joint that has a cartilage pad and is nearly immovable.


Pain in a joint from any cause is known as:


The hip joints is replaced in a surgery called an ____, and the artificial hip replacement is known as a ______.

arthoplasty; prosthesis

A torn ligament is known as:

a sprain

Which of these bones is not part of the ossicular chain?
a) malleus
b) incus
c) ziphoid process
d) staped

C--ziphoid process

The bones that form a synovial joint are held together by:


Which is the combining form for the tail bone?


Osteoarthritis is also known as:

degenerative joint disease

Which of the following bones is not in the thorax?
a) manubrium
b) rib
c) ulna
d) xiphoid process


Crepitus is a sound you would hear in a joint that had:

degenerative joint disease

Which condition is treated with a drug that contains real gold?

rheumatoid arthritis

Which of the following is not made of bone?
a) fossa
b) foramen
c) process
d) vomer

B-- foramen

The anatomical name for the shin bone is the


Which of these is the combining form for rib?


What disease can be described as a softening of the cartilage of the kneecap?

chondromalacia patellae

The abbreviation that describes a joint in the finger is:


Mr. Rodriguez had osteoarthritis so badly that his hip joint had to be replaced. Which two abbreviations correspond to his disease and his surgery?


All of the following statements about osteoarthritis are true except:
a) it affects the large weightbearing joints
b) it is worse if the patient is underweight
c) it causes pain & stiffness in the joints
d) it usually begins in middle age

B-- it is worse if the patient is underweight

In hemarthrosis, the combining form hem/o means:


The suffix -ics in the word orthopedics means

knowledge or practice

In an operative report for a patient with chondromalacia patellae, which anatomical structure in sure to be mentioned?


In an operative report for a patient with pectus excavatum, what anatomical structure is sure to be mentioned?


The nucleus pulposis is located:

inside an interverterbral disk

All of these ae anatomical stuctures of a vertebra except:
a) spinous process
b) transverse process
c) olecranon process
d) foramen

C--olecranon process

The spongy bone at the ends of a long bone is known as:

cancellous bone

A pediatric growth chart tracks:
a) height
b) percentiles
c) weight
d) all the above

all the above

Fractures that are allowed to heal without treatment might show:


The physician would order a blood test to check the uric acid level if a patient was suspected of having:


Intra-articular means pertaining to:

within the joint

A bone spur might be treated with:

extracorporeal shock wave therapy

Which surgical procedure might be performed to correct a deformity associated with hallux valgus?


The opening between cranial sutures in an infant is known as a/an:


Which cranial bone contains a bony cup that holds the pituitary gland?


The U-shaped bone in the neck that does not connect to any other bones is known as the:


A pathologic fraction can be caused by:
a) osteoporosis
b) a bone tumor
c) metastases to the bone
d) all the above

all the above

School children routinely have a screening test done to detect:


The primary way to diagnose fractures and dislocations is with:

an x-ray

The combining forms osse/o and oste/o mean:


The combining forms spondyl/o and vertebr/o mean:


Which of the following is not one of the meanings of the combining form myel/o?
a) bone marrow
b) bony process
c) myelin
d) spinal cord

B-- bony process

The combining fom scoli/o means:

curved; crooked

The combining form rheumat/o means:

watery discharge

The combining form skelet/o means:


The combining form tars/o means


The combining form articul/o means:


The combining form epiphys/o means

growth area at the end of a long bone

The combining form sarc/o means


The combining form fract/o means

break up

The combining fom malac/o means


The conbining form ankyl/o means

fused together; stiff

The cervical vertebrae are in the


An osteophyte is another name for _____

a bone spur

Which word parts do you need to build a medical word that means instrament used to examine a joint?

-scope, arthr/o

An ORIF would use all of the following to fix a fracture, except:
a) orthosis
b) screws
c) nails
d) plates

A-- orthosis

All of the following are examples of an orthosis except:
a) a brace
b) a splint
c) a rongeur
d) a collar

C-- a rongeur

All of the following are types of fractures except:
a) Colles'
b) nondisplaced
c) oblique
d) Ewing's


Which word parts do you need to build a medical word that means condition of cartilage softening?

-ia, chondr/o, malac/o

Which of the following is a nuclear medicine procedure to detect hot spots that indicate canerous tumors in the bone?


The lower jaw is known as the:


The combining form chondr/o means


The head of the humerus fits into the ____ to form the shoulder joint.

glenoid fossa

The adjective peroneal refers to the


The breast bone is also known as the


The combining form cost/o means


The bony opening for the ear canal is located in the ____bone


A/An _____ is a malignant tumor of the bone


An excessive posterior curvature of the thoracic spine is known as


_____ is a chronic inflammation disease of the joints due to age and wear and tear.


All of the following statements are true about hemarthrosis except:
a) it is a condition of blood in the joint
b) it is caused by trauma or a penetrating wound
c) it is treated with extracorporeal shockwave
d) it occurs spontaneously in hemophiliac patients

C-- it is treated with extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy

A blood test for uric acid is used to diagnose ____


The great toe is called


All the following are used during orthopedic surgery except:
a) goniometer
b) rongeur
c) chisel
d) osteotome


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