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World History II Midterm Review

A review for the World History II Mid-Term Exam
What was traded in the triangluar trading system
Slaves, Sugar, and Rum
Oliver Cromwell was the leader of whom?
The Roundheads
In England the Glorious Revolution gave rise to which type of govt.?
Constitutional Monarchy
Also known as the sun king who defined the term "absolutism" in Europe?
Louis XIV
What took place on July 14, 1789?
Bastille Day
During the late 1700s France had finacncial problems because of what?
The lavish expedintures of monarchy, Costs of 7 yrs. war, The American Revolution
The Tennis Court Oath was....
The demands to the 3rd Estate for one vote per man
Napoleons Continental System was designed why?
To stop British trade with Europe
The rule of Robespierre was a time when the French Revoltion....
Grew more violent as extremists took control
At which battle was Napoleon finally defeated?
Battle at Waterloo
What were the 2 major reasons for the collapse of Napoleon's Empire?
Survival of Great Britain and the forces of nationalism
Where was the Taj Mahal built?
Who sponsored Christopher Columbus?
Who sponsored Vasco da Gama?
Who sponsored Hernando Cortez?
Who sponsored Francis Drake?
Who sponsored Jacques Cartier?
Who sponsored Francisco Pizarro
Who sponsored Ferdinand Magellan