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Gene flow

exchange of genes with another population

Splinter population

A small population that breaks off from the main population, via some sort of isolation

Adaptive radiation

Evolution from a common ancestor that results in diverse species adapted to different environments

Punctuated equilibrium

Suggests that species often diverge in spurts of relatively rapid change, followed by periods of relatively no change


Study of the development of organisms

vestigial structures

reminants of structures that may have once had important functions but appear useless now

homologous structures

similar structures (possibly w/ different functions) in species sharing a common ancestor

gene pool

all the alleles (total) in all the individuals in a population

hardy-weinberg equilibrium

says that the population is not evolving, and the frequency of alleles in the gene pool is not changing over time

bottleneck effect

what occurs after a natural disaster that is sudden, when much of a population is affected/wiped out and genetic diversity is reduced.

founder effect

when very few individuals colonize a new habitat, resulting in very little genetic diversity

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