U.S. History X Vocab: Word Wall 13

push factors
the things that cause a person to immigrate and move away from their country of origin such as wars, famine, religious persecution, and overpopulation
pull factors
things that bring people to a country such as jobs, opportunities (land), freedom, and family (if they were previously successful)
Ellis Island
An immigration station set up by Congress in 1890 in New York where 6 million people had passed through by 1910
Angel Island
An immigration station in San Francisco for Chinese immigrants that provided much more limiting/ different treatment than other immigration stations
An action that occured on the majority of immigrants that was often humiliating and dehumanizing, sent back people with diseases, and asked background questions to weed out radicals and those who couldn't support themselves
native-born Americans who feared and resented new immigrants and disproved of people who where not native born
The picking up of new languages and new customs when immigrants came to America - ethnic neighborhoods hindered upon this action