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at the time of george washington's first inauguration, all of the following were true except

political parties were already bitterly opposed to each other

the national census of 1790 revealed that the number of white and black Americans was

4 000 000

there was little use of indentured servants or slaves in new england because

it was an impractical place to cultivate cash crops

new england was the most uniform region in america for all of the following reasons ecvept

it contained the highest percentage of people who had been loyalists

what was different about the population of new england compared to other regions

women had outnumbered men in parts of the region

the most ethnically and religiously diverse region in early america was

the mid-atlantic region

all fo the following lived, in large numbers, in the mid-atlantic except

central european catholics

a major source of profit in the mid-atlantic was

commercial farming

mid-atlantic culture was characterized by all of the following except

a clean consensus for republicanism with a strong central government

what factor made the south the most populous region in the early u.s.

the presence of a large number of african=american slaves

slaves made up the majority of the population in all of the following regions except

the piedmont region near the appalachian mountains

social tensions between lowcountry and backcountry southerners included

the vast differences in wealth and religious practices

which geographic region best describes the american west in 1790

from the appalachian mountain to the mississippi river

during the 1780s, all of the following are true about the west except

indians and whites had not yet reached the point of conflict

before 1800, the creek indians

blocked american expanion into their homeland


occupied land even though they held no title on it

who most likely would have said i never was a frend to larnd men

kentuckians who wanted statehood

which statement about the northwest in 1790 is not true

political allegiance of northwesterners was strongly pro-federalist

john adams proposed that george washing be addressed as

high highness

the first governemtn's base of support was strengthened by

passing the bill of rights

congress increased the power of the president when it allowed the executive to

nominate and dismiss officials in the presidential cabint

judiciary act

represented an artful compromise that balanced legal powers

sectional differences arose over the debate about

the specific aspects of the tariff act of 1789

madison wanted to place especially high duty taxes on imports from


the first secretary of treasury was

alexander hamilton

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