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CH 11

Gender, ***, and Sexuality
Gina suffered damaged to her gonads. As a result, she may no longer produce
Follow up research from the John/Joan story suggested that ________ most strongly affects one's gender identity.
The term ________ refers to experiencing one's psychological gender as being different from one's physical sex.
sex reassignment surgery
The only empirically evaluated treatment for someone diagnosed with gender identity disorder is
Dr. Watson is interested in the effects that higher than normal amounts of testosterone have on the gender of embryos. Dr. Watson favors the ________ approach
Four-month-old Carlos will probably stare the longest at a
According to Darwin, ________ drives sexual selection.
NOT: social cognitive
The ________ theory best supports the statement: "A women should stay home and care for the children and a man should go to work to provide for them."
NOT: gender role
Dr. Hendricks believes that differences in sexuality are the result of hormonal differences between men and women. He favors the ________ approach
Paul pushes Susie off the swing. Paul's behavior is best categorized as ________ aggression
are competing for male attention.
According to social cognitive theory, girls engage in relational aggression because they
Melissa is attracted to members of the opposite sex. She is considered to be
Geami is attracted to both males and females. Her sexual orientation is best described as
small sample size
One challenge in researching sexual orientation is
symmetry between the brain's two hemispheres
Heterosexual women and gay men both have
the length of his/her pointer and ring fingers
Darlene is uncertain if the person who just approached her is a male or a female. The best indicator may be
The vast majority of "tomboys" turn out to be
manage it because of their positive attitudes
In terms of conflict, gay and lesbian couples are likely to
a close relationship with parents
In regards to parenting, the best predictor of good psychological adjustment in adolescence is having
NOT: activities that lead to arousal and a sexual response
Which is the correct definition of sexual behavior?
Which stage of sexual response did Kaplan add to the stages proposed by Masters and Johnson?
According to the chapter by Judith Lorber on the social construction of gender, gender, like culture, is not a human production that depends on everyone constantly "doing gender," but bred into our genes.