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Sigmund Freuds term for the part of personality that is irrational, concerned only with seeking pleasure


Many people who have become geniuses

were deliberately subjected to very stimulating environments

Jean Piaget stages of cognitive development suggest that

virtually all children go through the same sequence learning concretely before abstractly

Gender roles and social classes have a strong influence on

emotional socialization

According to Jean Piaget, at the third level of moral development, young adults have a post conventional mortality, which takes into account the importance of...

none of the above

According to the feminist theory, though the family is the major source of gender identity development, two other major influences include

peers and the mass media

To functionalists, the most important function socialization serves for society is

ensuring order

According to George Herbert Mead, when children learn to internalize the values of society as a whole, they take on the role of

generalized others

Asian Americans parents socialize their children for all the following EXCEPT

to be aggressive and independent

Tyler is playing with his toys and he is pretending to be a fireman like his father. According to George H. Mead, by seeing himself from his fathers point of view, Tyler is

internalizing his fathers values and attitudes

Joe attends college and learns skills and attitude that will help him in his career. This is an example of what type of adult socialization?

Anticipatory socialization

If a person is totally cut off from the larger society and his/her activities are all controlled by administrative officials because that person will eventually go to war, he/she is in a

total institutions

Tom sees his coworkers as competitors and tends not to share information readily. He would be involved in _____ interaction with his coworkers


Joan is active in her community. She knows everybody, and helps people out during personal family crises. She would be involved in _____interaction with her neighbors


Which of the following is an example of oppositional interaction?

starring at a lower-class person

The meaning of words is determined by members of a specific society through their social experiences. Therefore, the meaning of words is

Socially constructive

Sociologist suggest that people also appear to inherit_____when we react in a certain way


All of the following are types of cooperate, EXCEPT for ____cooperation


The supportive social interactions function that provides hidden, underlying meaning is absolutely crucial for

ensuring social order

The use of space as a means of communications is called


American accents and euphemisms are examples of

american diversity in communication

A method of analyzing social interaction as if the participants were performing on a stage is called


Linguistic styles that reelect the different worlds of women and men are called


Julian was a salesman who took a prospective client to dinner. He dressed carefully, spoke in a confident way, and hoped his guest did not notice his obvious flaws. Julian was involved in

presenting his "self"

When the two sexes communicate with each other, women tend to use the language of connection and intimacy, and men the language of

status and independence

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