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UNCW Ped Course

150-300 minutes

Minutes per Week of Exercise

5 days of 30 minutes

How many minutes per day of exercise

75-150 minutes

minutes per week of vigorous activity


What is the right side of the continuum


What is the left side of the continuum


What matters most, direction or location, on the continuum?


state of optimal physical functioning, meeting more than minimal requirements

cardiovascular fitness

Most important component of fitness is?


execution of a goal


short term behaviors, specific goals


long term outcomes, broad and vague

spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, social

5 components of wellness


adopting and maintaing a healthy behavior

transtheoretical model

model for understanding lifestyle change

pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance, termination

6 phases of transtheoretical model

specific, measurable, adjustable, realistic, time-based

smart goals

aerobic exercise

Cardiovascular Health is achieved through

Aerobic exercise

constant moderate work, oxygen is replenished as used

Anaerobic exercise

oxygen is used up more quickly than can be replaced

maximal heart rate

maximum heart beats in one minute

Sedentary 60- 70%, Moderately Active 70-75%, or Very Active 80-85%

Target heart rate percentages

rate of perceived exertion

how hard you feel you're working out

talk-test method

being able to talk when working out, in your comfort zone

Cardiorespiratory endurance

ability to preform dynamic exercises for a prolonged period of time


maximal force in one contraction


force over a given period of time

muscular fitness involves

strength and endurance


process of gaining muscle

soreness, monotony of training, variation

challenges of muscular fitness

acute onset soreness

due to lactic build up, within the first few minutes of exercise

delayed onset soreness

microscopic tears in muscle tissue, hours after


Monotony of training


allowing for periods of rest and work


range of movement around a joint

Agonist muscles

used in primary movement

Synergist Muscles

cancel extra movement from the agonist


opposite moving muscles

isometric stretching

static stretching

carbs, proteins, fats, water

macronutrients include

vitamins, minerals



Carbs should be what percent of daily calories

grains, fruits, veggies

Complex cards include

mostly sugary items

simple carbs include


Proteins should be what percent of daily calories

amino acids

Proteins are made up of

meat and soy

Complete proteins


Incomplete proteins


The most energy rich nutrient

adipose tissue

Fat is stored in the


Chemically altered fat


What percentage of water makes up body?


Acts as a solvent and lubricant


transports waster and nutrients


regulating body temperature and chemical processes

Fat-soluble vitamins

stored in fat, not easily excreted

water-soluble vitamins

easily excreted, less toxic


things that disrupt daily life

stress response

physical effect of a stressor


reaction to an event

types of stressors

emotional, physiological, environmental

Emotional stress

life events


positive stress


no effect stress


negative stress

what causes stress?


General adaptation syndrome

body's short term and long term reaction to stress

alarm reaction, stage of resistance/adaptation, stage of exhaustion

Three stages of general adaptation syndrome


changes that occur in the body to maintain homeostasis


promotion of unproven products, fraud

complementary medicine

used with conventional medicine

about us/authors

First thing to look at one a website

physical activity, healthy eating, stress management

3 top priorities in life


There is a distinct difference between spiritual health and spiritual wellness, while there is no difference between health and wellness for the other four dimensions. ( TRUE OR FALSE)

Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type

What does the acronym FITT stand for?

The left side of the continuum represents high level wellness.

All of the following statements are true about the Wellness Continuum EXCEPT:


Trying to develop a sense of life's purpose is an example of ___________ wellness.


Which of the following is an example of a healthy BEHAVIOR?


Which of the following is NOT a health-related component of fitness?

"I will run 6 miles per week for 1 month."

Which of the following is the BEST example of an effective goal?

cardiovasular health

Which of the following is an example of a PRODUCT (or outcome) of performing healthy behaviors?


Choose the stage characterized by "intending to take action in the near future, usually within the next 30 days."

convience of the exercise facility

Which of the following is a situational factor affecting healthy lifestyle change?


Jackie is thinking about quitting smoking. She knows there are health benefits, but is too focused on the barriers to quitting and is at least 3 months away from beginning a program. Which Transtheoretical stage is she in?


According to the effort-adherence trade-off, as the amount of effort required for physical activity increases, adherence decreases. (TRUE OR FALSE)


Which of the following is a personal factor affecting healthy lifestyle change?

the positive correlation of health

Wellness is:


In which stage is the individual more confident and less likely to relapse because he/she has made a positive behavior change?

cardiorespiratory fitness

The ability of the heart and lungs to efficiently deliver oxygen and nutrients to the body's muscles and cells via the blood stream is called:

Maintain current workout intensity and frequency.

All of the following are ways to alleviate resistance training boredom EXCEPT:


Aerobic exercise _______ the heart rate for an extended period of time.


Which of the following is NOT a principle of training?

Decreased muscle stiffness

DOMS usually leads to all of the following EXCEPT:

liver disease

Regular aerobic exercise can reduce the risk for all of the following EXCEPT:


RPE is a subjective method for estimating cardiovascular intensity. (TRUE OR FALSE)

upright row

Which exercise primarily focuses on working the shoulder or deltoids?

determine a goal

The first step in creating a resistance-training program is to:

Muscular endurance

The ability of the muscle to exert force over an extended period of time is known as ________.


Exercise intensity affects the success of a program. For someone who is sedentary, which program would be the BEST choice?


A given number of consecutive repetitions of the exercise is called a:


Multi-joint exercises should be performed first followed by single joint exercises (TRUE OR FALSE)


Acute onset muscle soreness occurs 12-48 hours after exercise, cause by muscle spasm and tissue repair.

squat or lunges

Which exercise would work the quadriceps?


Which example is NOT a form of aerobic exercise?


Carla wants to improve her heart and lung function through exercise. Which type of exercise should she choose?

lat pull down

Which exercise would work the upper back or Rhomboids?

to deliver oxygen

The cardiorespiratory system functions to:


Moderate intensity on the RPE scale would be:

design a safe and effective exercise program.

The FITT formula is used to:


Ratings of Perceived Exertion (RPE) and Target Heart Rate (THR) are ways to measure cardiovascular intensity. (TRUE OR FALSE)


Which principle of training would suggest that if you want to progress, you need to increase frequency, intensity, and/or duration of the activity?


According to the physical activity and health guidelines, what is the minimum bout length required for cardiovascular activity?


Lateral arm raises target the ________ muscle.

choose 8-10 basic full body resistance exercises.

When choosing resistance exercises to include in a beginning fitness program aimed at general muscular fitness

your mode of exercise

Exercise type is most closely related to:

safer for beginners

Which of the following is an advantage of machines?

repetition maximum

The number of times you perform a specific exercise.


Which muscle/muscle group would be the prime mover for an arm curl?


balance of body, mind and spirit


Your belief in your own ability to achieve something has an abundance of research supporting its importance to behavior change. This is called:


Which of the following is NOT one of the 10 dimensions of spiritual wellness according to Ingersoll?

10 secs-2 minutes.

Anaerobic exercise lasts:


The Karvonen Heart Rate Reserve Formula factors in your resting heart rate when calculating your training heart rate. (TRUE OR FALSE)


Jim has a shoulder injury restricting some of his upper body movements. He can perform lateral raises, but not front raises. This illustrates the principle of:

push up and curl up test

The two tests that are used to test muscular endurance are:

decreased bone mass

Resistance training provides all of the following health benefits EXCEPT for which one?


What is the minimum # of sets of resistance exercises required for health?


What is the minimum number of resistance training days per week recommended to meet the national health guidelines?


Exercise is a subset of physical activity that is:


Healthy lifestyle change which has become part of someone's lifestyle can be described as:


The dimensions of wellness are independent of one another and not interconnected. (TRUE OR FALSE)


Promoting exercise with a group is one of the strategies for exercise adherence. This is also a part of which factor of success?


Muscular strength is the ability of a muscle or a group of muscles to produce maximal force in a single contraction. (TRUE OR FALSE)


Exercise intensity affects the success of a program. For someone who is sedentary, which program would be the BEST choice?


Multi-joint exercises should be performed first followed by single joint exercises (TRUE OR FALSE)

more, fewer

A food that provides ________ nutrients in ________ calories is a nutrient dense food.

lower back

The spinal twist, or pretzel is an example of stretching this area of the body.


Lipids should be __ & __ of total daily calories.

movement, range of motion

Flexibility is the amount of _________, or __________ you have at each joint.


Functions of water include:

Which of the following is the website for the new food guide pyramid?


Carbohydrates provide __ kcal per gram.


April is stretching her shoulder by extending her arm up and slowly rotating it back until she experiences mild discomfort. She then holds that position for 30 seconds. By this description, April is performing which type of stretching?


Proteins provide __ kcal per gram.

can be stored in the body

Which is a property of Fat-soluble vitamins?

It can increase your cardiorespiratory endurance.

Benefits of stretching include all of the following EXCEPT:


Lipids provide __ kcal per gram


You should stretch before your warm-up. (TRUE OR FALSE)

unsaturated fat

One example of a good type of fat (from plant sources and fish) is:

repeat streches multiple times

When stretching you should:

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