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The first Europeans to make contact with the Ming dynasty were the


The Emperor Kangxi was generally

-tolerant of Christian missionaries.

Who initiated the construction of the Imperial City in Beijing?

-Yong Le

Perhaps the greatest emperor in Chinese history, ____ took charge of the government while still in his teens and reigned for 61 years.


According to the passage, how did people regard Emperor Kangxi?

-with awe

dynasty founded by Ming Hong Wu


separate Manchu military units, which became the chief Qing fighting force


led the peasant revolt that overthrew the Ming dynasty

-Li Zicheng

ruling dynasty from 1644 until 1911


free trade

-trade without government interfearance

Japan forced out Portuguese traders because Japan

-feared Christian influence.

The Taiping Rebellion was led by a Buddhist cult


What did the Treaty of Nanjing do?

-It gave the British rights to ports and low tariffs.

In China, which of the following events occurred first?

-The establishment of the Macao port

Why did the Qing distrust the Jesuits and their converts?

-They realized that converts might be more loyal to the pope than to Chinese rulers.

The ____ were the first Europeans to establish a trade relationship with China.


In response to the importation of opium by the British East India Company, the Chinese government _______

-demanded that the sale of opium immediately stop

Britain used opium as a trade product to meet the demand for _____


Under the terms of the Treaty of Nanjing, China gave the British control of ___

- Hong Kong

Which treaty gave the British five ports in China and forced China to give up control Hong Kong?

-Treaty of Nanjing

Who led the Ming dynasty's naval voyages of exploration?

-Zheng He

Allowing foreigners to live by the rules of their home country instead of the country in which they live is known as


The British opium trade was sparked by

-the British demand for tea

The Taiping Rebellion was based on

-Christian teachings

The Portuguese came to China to both trade and spread Christianity.


Korea became known as the Hermit Kingdom because they made attempts to remain isolated from other nations.


Macao was a ______

-port city.

Korea found themselves in the center invading nations that wanted to expand both their powers and borders. Which of the following expansionist nations was the first to invade Korea?


Korea was invaded by Japan in the late 1500s from the south and in the early 1600s by ______________ from the north.


sultan's chief minister

-grand vizier

Trade goods in the Safavid empire were carried on a road system that wa

-fairly safe and enhanced with rest stops.

Persian king


The Mogul empire was the greatest Indian dynasty in nearly two thousand years.


Who established the Mogul dynasty?


Which city was both a British and French trading fort?


According to this passage, what disadvantage did the British have in India?

-a lack of allies

What Mogul school of painting combined Persian with Indian motifs?

-"Akbar style"

site where Sir Robert Clive's army defeated Mogul force

-Taj Mahal

During the Tokuagwa period the role of these part-time warriors changed. Name them.


Which of the following expansionists nations was first to invade Korea?


Matteo Ricci was impressed with?


Qing dynasty practiced what philosophy?


Dutch only Europeans allowed trade with Japan as long as they _____

-gave up all show of Christianity

Civilization strictly controlled European trading rights.


Constantinople renamed _____


Advance of Suleiman's army stopped at


What was the Sultan forced to do when the Janissary force grew to large?

-kill its members

The _____ was residence of sultan's wives


Ottomans defeated at the _____ Gulf in 1571 CE


Ottoman religious, legal, and educational advisers

-the ulema

Ottoman empire preferred to

-administer land through local rulers and pashas

Ottoman art included

-distinctive woven rugs

Ottoman expansion in the 14th Century eventually led to control over the

-Bosporus and Dardanelles

IN the late 13th century, a new group of Turks under leader Osman began to build power in

-Northwestern corner of Anatolian Peninsula

Under _____ ottomans conquered Constantinople.

-Mehmet II

Under Shah Abbas, the Safavid dynasty _____

-reached high point of glory

What 3 peoples inhabited the area invaded by the Ottoman from 1514-1635?

-Georgian, Azeris, Kurds

What was significant about the battle of Chaldirian?

-use of artillery decisive tactical advantage.

Islamic group Safavid's belonged to


Conformity to traditional religious

-religious orthodoxy

The Shiites believed the shah was

-ad direct successor of Muhammad

During the Ming Dynasty, Zheng He's exploration voyages took him through Southeast Asia all the way to


IN China the following things occured first

Establishment of the Macao Port

Babur's forces entered India through the

-Khyber Pass

The British established trading forts in India Calcutta and


Whyd id the Qing distrust the Jesuits and their converts?

-They realized converts might be more loyal to the Pope than Chinese rulers.

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