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Afam 202 Test 2 Poems

Claude McKay
If We Must Die
-If they must die, they should not die ingloriously
-urges active resistance
-antagonist- men and cowardly pack
Claude Mckay
To the White Friends
-You are violent, I could be violent in response
-From vengance to higher activity, shows higher worth
Claude McKay
-In days ahead this country too will decline
-Notes flaws in time, but still celebrates america for what she has done
Claude McKay
- about vanity of human civilization
-Time will destroy all
-After glory follows darkness
Sterling A. Brown
Southern Road
use of traditional folk forms
Sterling A. Brown
Strong Men
black male folk heroes
strong men getting stronger
Sterling A. Brown
Memphis Blues
use of traditional folk forms
Sterling A. Brown
Slim Greer
story telling idiom
funny poem of passing
Sterling A. Brown
Ma Rainey
about singer
Sterling A. Brown
Sporting Beasley
oral story telling idiom
Sterling A. Brown
Sam Smiley
About lynching
he had been tought to kill white men
devestation done to his hime while he was defending the country
Lynching is projection
Those who fought abroad not allowed to fight at home and protect woman
Sterling A. Brown
Old Lem
Insights on share cropping
Exploitation of black laborers by all
ends with story of resistence who gets killed
shows dynamic of white order- result of massive racism
demonstrates rottenness and core of criminal system
moral cowardness
Gwendolyn B. Bennett
Want to hear chanting around fire
Surging of sad peoples soul
wants authenticity
not mask of her people
Langston Hughes
The Weary Blues
encorporates blues song lyrics into itself
replicates blues rythems in its own verse
Started as observes became a performer
blues creates empathy
Langston Hughes
I, Too
Langston Hughes
Langston Hughes
Song for a Dark Girl
Langston Hughes
Afro- American Fragment
so long so far away is africa
so far away is africas dark face
distance + closeness
learns of africa through history books
how can one know africa this way?
incomprehensible- i do not understand this song that moves me
Langston Hughes
Christ in Alabama
Countee Cullen
Yet Do I Marvel
Countee Cullen
The Shroud of Color
here is what its like to be a brown poet
longs for death
-vision tells him to live and struggle
Countee Cullen
Preceeds to imagine what africa is
-wild life
- love
A book one thumbs till slumber comes
gets image through books
reflects on how he has africa within himself
tension between catholic + african religion
christ + racial identity tension
wishes christ were black
ends with ambiguity, they and I are civilized
tension b/w race and religion
Helene Johnson
using afam terms
Gwendolyn Brooks
A Song In The Front Yard
-Beauty of unconventional rolls
-Imagine about life of charity children
-Mother insist's on class tension
-Dialogue romanticizes other children's possibilities
-Life of prostitute- romanticized
Gwendolyn Brooks
Sadie and Maud
-Sadie lived a much fuller life
-Scraped life with a fine tuned come
-Romanticized other way of being- compared to bourgeoisie
Robert Hayden
A Letter from Phillis Wheatley
Robert Hayden
-Celebrates afam artists and poets and political figures
Haki Madhubuti
Back Again Home
"He resigned, we wonder why, he let his hair grow."
-Clothing + Hairstyle- Metaphor for consciousness and alienation
-Home- end of alienation
-Giving up modifying his behavior
Haki Madhubati
Think Black
- references WW2 japanese encampment and racisim. Emphasizes black poet
-Reflection on political dynamic of identity
-Ellison is insufficiently black
-Function of black art is raise consciousness of the people
Haki Madhubati
Malcolm Spoke, Who Listened
-"majoring in physical education"
-Critique of black style as if it were substance
-Hairstyle + Dashiki doesn't make you black
-Style is not revolutionary
-Its about whats on the inside
Nikki Giovani
Beautiful Black Man
"Sitting on stoops, going to bars, crunching numbers."
-Narrator celebrating clothing
- New Hairstyles that affirm blackness
-"same old danger, brand new pleasure."
- Black Musicians who define blackness
-Is she celebrating external or internal beauty?
Nikki Giovani
For Sandra
-Wanted to do a poem about trees, sky, realizes she is in concrete jungle and nixon is president
-What does it mean to be a poet in an inopportune time?
- Wishes she could write about what she desires
- When liberation comes, then there will be poetry
Mari Evans
I am a Black Woman
-I am a black woman, indestructible
-Shares rough history
-On music of being a black woman
-Survey of black history
- commentary on wars of 20th century
- Celebrates black male warriors (imagery)
Carolyn M. Rodgers
It is Deep
-Religious mother wanting nothing to do with daughter talking about anything black
- Daughter remembers mother crying when the told her " Highschool diploma is not enough."
-Tensions and connections daughter and mother
-Mother not an enemy, but withstood conditions for the present
-Celebrates hard life her mother lived
- Mother was sturdy black bridge, allowed her to get to where she is
-addresses generation gap
Etheridge Knight
The Idea of Ancestry
-Poem about man who stares at ancestors faces in his jail cell
- examines relationships with fam and drug addictions
- Views fam as connection to the future
-"No sons to float"
Etheridge Knight
Hard Dock Returns to Prison from the Hospital for the Criminal Insane
-Story of a man hardrock who was so bad in jail that he had an operation done to his brain
-This made him emotionless, and really upset his jail mates
-The way myths get started
-Myths serve to show how prision cannot break soul
-Bitter loss of hardrock the hero
Etheridge KNight
For Black Poets who think of Suicide
-Black Poets should live
-Black poets should not imitate white poets
-Do not pursue esoteric things
-Black poets are musical instruments of black life
-Die not in suicide, but in battle
A.B. Spellman
Did John's Music Kill Him
-"oh john, death will not contain you."
-How cultrain's music provides meaning to his life
-downward spiral
-Ends with affirmation, death will not contain you
-working range of emotion- john cultrain is immortal
-John is not dead
Jayne Cortez
How long has train been gone?
-Trane is dead and black people have been gone
-poet addresses indifferent listeners
-exploitative club owners
-people who have yet to hear him play
Coltrane is a black hero
Urges black people to celebrate black history
Connections among black people and history
Claude McKay
Reverse tension b/w spirit and body
Poet says about africa- sense of outcast, unfamiliar
Religious alienation, gods