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LI-1 Shang Yang "Metal Yang"

Clears heat; Brightens the eyes; Benefits the ears; Benefits the throat; Expels wind and scatters cold; Extinguishes interior wind and promotes resuscitation; Removes obstruction from the channel.

LI-2 Er Jian "Second Interval"

Clears heat; Expels wind-heat; Removes obstruction from the channel.

LI-3 San Jian "Third Interval"

Expels exterior wind; Brightens the eyes; Benefits the throat; Regulates the intestines; Expels wind and cold from the channel.

LI-4 He Gu "Enclosed Valley"

Expels exterior wind & releases the exterior; Promotes the diffusing of LU qi, regulates defensive qi & sweating; Stops PAIN; Removes obstructions from the channel; Tonifies Qi & consolidates the exterior; Harmonizes the ascending & descending of Qi; Benefits the eyes, nose, ears & mouth (Command Pt. for face); Promotes labor; Calms the mind.

LI-5 Yang Xi "Yang Stream"

Expels wind & releases the exterior; Stops pain; Clears heat; Calms the mind & opens the mind's orifices; Benefits the nose, ears & eyes.

LI-6 Pian Li "Lateral Passage"

Regulates the Lung's water passages; Removes obstruction from the channel.

LI-7 Wen Liu "Warm Gathering"

Clears heat; Regulates the intestines; Opens the mind's orifices; Removes obstruction from the channel.

LI-10 Shou San Li "Arm 3 Miles"

Removes obstruction from the channel; Regulates the intestines; Tonifies Qi.

LI-11 Qu Chi "Pool Bend"

Clears heat & cools blood; Removes obstruction & HEAT from the channel; Resolves dampness; Regulates the intestines; Benefits the sinews & joints.

LI-15 Jian Yu "Shoulder Bone"

Resolves obstructions from the channel; Expels wind & dampness; Resolves phlegm & dissipates nodules.

Li-20 Ying Xiang "Welcome Fragrance"

Expels exterior wind; Opens the nose; Removes obstructionsfrom the channel.

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