Describing People, Attitude 1, Unit 6, English

15 terms by seanreed

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the opposite of overweight


This is a fat cat. It is overweight. To be polite, we say, "The cat is _____."


He is not too tall and not too short. He is ______ height.

well built

a good body, fit body; it looks like this person plays a lot of sports and exercises a lot


this is usually talking about people with light-colored hair and senstive skin; blonde


hair that isn't straight or wavy


hair with no curls


hair over the forehead


head with no hair


hair down to the shoulder


hair over the mouth or between the upper lip and nose


hair on the chin


the opposite of fat (really the opposite of thick)


How tall are you? What is your _______?


Are you exercising? It looks like you lost some _____. I wish I could gain some.

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