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a way to communicate with a remote compute over a network.

File Transfer Protocol

the electronic transfer of a file from one location to another.

Hypertext Transfer protocol

used by web browsers to request a file from a web browser. HTTP transfers one file at a time and only maintains the connection between client and server while the file is being transferred

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

the TCP/IP standard protocol for transferring electronic mail messages from one machine to another. An email client will normally use SMTP to send outgoing mail.

Post Office Protocol

a protocol for client /server email operation. An email client connects to a mail server using POP in order to download mail.

Uniform Resource Locator

A URL contains the protocol used, the server domain name or IP address, and the path-name of the file.

domain name

the Internet's on-line mapping system which translates domain names into IP addresses.

The Application Layer

provides interfaces for network applications

The Presentation Layer

handles data format information

The Session layer

manages log-on and password authentication

The Transport layer

breaks up file into segment for transport over a network and guarantees that these segments are not lost

The Network layer

routes packets

The data link layer

guarantees error free transmission

The Physical Layer

transmits bits over physical medium

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