Care Exam 4: Care Management for Rest and Sleep

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What happens if you have a decrease in sleep results?- impaired glucose tolerance - reduced insulin sensitivity - decrease growth hormone secretion - decreased cortisol - decreased sleep can cause manifestations of agingWhat can cause sleep problems?- mood changes, anxiety, depression - breathing disorders - hyperthyroidism - dementia - circadian rhythmWhat are diseases that affect sleep?-ashtma - COPD - Renal disease - immune disorders - endocrine - arthritis -cardiovascularHow would you treat insomnia?- massage - relaxation before bed - sleep deprivation - sleep hygiene - biofeedbackHow would you treat sleep apnea?- determine the cause and remove - laser tissue removal - CPAP - weight loss - nasal strips - dental applianceWhat is treatment for Narcolepsy?- Ritalin - Regular exercise - short daytime naps - eat small meals high in protein - avoid activities such as sitting for long periods - avoid dangerous activities like driving or heightsBruxismgrinding of teethEnuresisbedwetting in children and older after the age of 3, males are more oftenSomnambulismsleepwalkinghow do you treat sleep walking?gently awaken, return them to bed and make adjustments for their safetyPeriodic limb movement disorder- jerking leg movement - common in older adults - occurs during sleepWhat is treatment for periodic limb movement disorder?Levodopa GabapentinWhat are interventions for menopause?- Herbal remedies - Natural products to reduce menopause symptoms - exercise to decrease stress - fan at nightWhat are interventions for new parents?- share getting up with the baby - baby environment - no plastic, covers, pillowshow can you promote better sleep in the hospital setting?- pain meds and sleep aids - critical thinking - elevate the head of the bed - backrubs, toileting, routine - quiet time - limit daytime naps