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Jane Addams
Founded Hull House in Chicago, settlement house
Ida Wells Barnett
Female journalist, activist against lynching
Louis Brandeis
Supreme Court justice, trade union rights
Richard Clarke Cabot
Physician, social work, in the home visits, taught students how to seek diagnosis through questioning
Andrew Carnegie
Built the American steel industry
Eugene V. Debs
Socialist, led the IWW, from Indiana
John Dewey
American psychologist, philosopher, wanted progressive education
Theodore Dreiser
Socialist, novelist, wrote Sister Carrie
W.E.B. DuBois
Agitation and protest for black rights
Henry Ford
Model T, provided workers with $5 a day wage
Charlotte Gilman
The Yellow Wallpaper
Samuel Gompers
Leader of the American Federation of Labor
Samuel M. Jones
Followed the Golden Rule, involved in oil business, paid decent wages, mayor of Toledo
Florence Kelley
Activist for women's and children's rights, labor rights
Robert LaFollette
Weakened the political influence of party machines, battled against corruption in government, Senator from Wisconsin
Walter Lippmann
Worked with Wilson, wrote A Preface to Politics, helped write the 14 Points
John R. Mott
Protestant leader, led missions around the world
Gifford Pinchot
Chief forester of the US Forest Service
Jacob Riis
How the Other Half Lives
Teddy Roosevelt
Conservation of natural resources
Upton Sinclair
The Jungle
Lincoln Steffens
The Shame of the Cities
Henry Stimson
Fought for international cooperation between the US and foreign nations, wanted freedom and peace around the world
William Howard Taft
Effective trust buster
Ida Tarbell
Standard Oil
Thorstein Veblen
Economist, social scientist, against laissez-faire economics and big business
Booker T. Washington
Accommodation and education for blacks to earn equal rights
Frances Willard
Headed up the Women's Christian Temperance Union, suffragist