English Gilgamesh Jeopardy Questions

53 terms by alizagrant

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Immediately portrayed as equal to Gilgamesh


Female portrayed as a servant

Utnapishtim's wife

Characters that can interpret dreams

Ninsun and Enkidu

First to refer to Gilgamesh as a child

Scorpion man

Romantic interest in Gilgamesh, rejected-level of prostitution in her


Gilgamesh claim privilege by "birth rite"

sleeping with virgins before wedding

what is the condition when Enkidu can't move during sleep

sleep paralysis

after flood what animal finds land for Noah and Utnapishtim


brings a loss of innocence, it's her fault

the prostitute

father of the sumerian gods


"becoming a man" parallels old testament story

adam and eve

2/3 god and 1/3 man, "builder of the walls of uruk"


Gilgamesh's mother, minor goddess for wisdom


created enkidu in image of anu


enkidu has dreams of what underworld house

house of dust

boatman of sea of death


enkidu curses this god for calling him "innocent"


nameless prostitute associated with this archetype

loss of innocence

character dreams of a star and axe


old testament story viewed as allusion to story of utnapishtim

noah's ark

love and compassion, christ viewed as this character message


father thinks she is too interested in men


character dreams of gods speaking


"why am i abandoned now" old testament figure relates


fullfill the "woman temptress" archetype

ishtar and siduri

epic convention fullfilled when gilgamesh crosses sea of death

journey to underworld

gilgamesh tablets date back to

2000 BC

comparison of two unlike things


statement about life a particular work portrays

thematic statement

symbolize wisdom

old and blind

person, place, thing, or even to represent something


overall feeling or effect created by use of words

mood or tone

gilgamesh crosses what on journey to utnapishtim

sea of death

how many decks does urshinabis boat have


highlights distinction between author and narrator


gilgamesh is flawed, what trait leads to gilgamesh's death


monster, symbol of drought

bull of heaven

symbolize temptation and evil


common archetypes in Gilgamesh and Old Testament

flood story and loss of innocence

language that is metered, rhymed, or lyrical


characteristic occurs when Enkidu dreams tha tthe gods decide he must die, and when Ishtar sends the Bull of Heaven

gods playing active role in outcome

tablets found here


oldest known written language, wedge-shaped characters


word meaning intended to teach


"an unfolding"


fullfills "wise old man" archetype


tablets forgotten before this century

19th century (1872)

influenced by societies between these two rivers

tigris and euphrates

gives attention to son


monster-symbol for great flood


refers to measures of syllables per line in poem


term applies because gilgamesh is a tyrant king when poem begins

in media res

fullfills "good wife" archetype

Utnapishtim's wife

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