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4th Grade ADVENT 7-10

How is Jesus' death on the cross a sacrifice?
Jesus gave his life to the father to save us from sin.
Jesus is Priest, what sacrifice does he offer to God
He gave himself on the cross
One who offers sacrifice to God to help someone else.
What sacrifice does a Catholic priest offer?
The Sacrifice of the Mass
How did Jesus die?
He died on the cross
One who speaks for God.
How is Jesus a Prophet of God?
He says everything God the Father told him to.
The Devil tempted Jesus in the Wilderness. What was the 1st temptation in the wilderness.
He was hungry so offered bread
What should we do when the Devil tempts us?
We are called to be prophets for Jesus. What do we have to do before we can speak for Jesus?
Learn all about Jesus
One who in charge of a city or country. They are in charge for life.
How do we become members of Jesus' Kingdom?
By being baptized
the cardinal virtue that enables us to discern the good and to choose the right way to accomplish it in any situation. ( I.E. Figure out what best thing to do is)
The cardinal virtue that enables us to be constant and firm in giving what is due to God and our neighbor.
The cardinal virtue that enables us to be firm and to have courage to do what is good even in difficult situations.
the cardinal virtue that enables us to use moderation in all pleasure and with all created goods.
Name the Saint: Born in 1581 in France. A priest who worked with the poor and help feed them. He also taught them about Jesus. He started the Confraternity of Charity to take care of the poor. He lived to be 79 years old.
St. Vincent de Paul
In Advent we prepare for
the coming of Jesus
Feed the hungry
Corporal work of Mercy
forgive all injuries
Spiritual Work of Mercy
Shelter the homeless
Corporal work of Mercy
Visit the Sick
Corporal work of Mercy
bear wrongs patiently
Spiritual Work of Mercy
Admonish the sinner
Spiritual Work of Mercy
Bury the Dead
Corporal work of Mercy
pray for the living and the dead
Spiritual Work of Mercy
Instruct the ignorant
Spiritual Work of Mercy
Visit the imprisoned
Corporal work of Mercy
Counsel the doubtful
Spiritual Work of Mercy
Give drink to the Thirsty
Corporal work of Mercy
comfort the sorrowful
Spiritual Work of Mercy
Clothe the naked
Corporal work of Mercy