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  1. The fact that the young brain prunes and discards neural connections that are not used suggests
  2. For which of our five senses do scientists have the poorest understanding?
  3. Typing information into a computer is most analogous to the_____________of memory
  4. Compared to a person who never smoked marijuana, a long-term user would be more likely to show
  5. Concepts are stored in memory in a
  1. a Smell
  3. c the importance of providing stimulating environments to children
  4. d Verbal, semantic or emotional form
  5. e Retrieval

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  1. operant conditioning
  2. Cohesiveness; conformity
  3. A tendency to desire or seek out positive outcomes and avoid negatives ones
  4. autonomy vs. shame and doubt
  5. Children will readily imitate the behavior of aggressive adults as long as the adults were not punished.

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  1. If you are just introduced to a group of individuals and then immediately asked to recall their names, you would probably have most difficulty remembering the names of individuals who were presented.Indecision


  2. Based on you reading, which of the following animals is least likely to show any linguistic abilities?Freddie, the Cocker Spaniel


  3. Which of the following statements about absolute thresholds is FALSE?Most psychologists have a Ph.D or Psy.D degree.


  4. A five year old child taking the Stanford-Binet test and scoring at a mental age of four would have an IQ of80


  5. In a recent survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, which generation reported the highest average stress levels?High levels of stored fat in the body