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  1. Retrograde amnesia is to _____________as anterograde amnesia is to _________
  2. Based on you reading, which of the following animals is least likely to show any linguistic abilities?
  3. Which of the following would NOT be considered a basic emotion by most psychologists?
  4. Compared to a person who never smoked marijuana, a long-term user would be more likely to show
  5. Similar to Wilhelm Wundt, if you were to use a self-observation technique to analyze the basic elements of your thought processes, you would most likely be using a method called?
  2. b Introspection
  3. c Freddie, the Cocker Spaniel
  4. d Embarrassment
  5. e past, future

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  1. Positive correction
  2. Cognitive
  3. reaction formation
  4. Children will readily imitate the behavior of aggressive adults as long as the adults were not punished.
  5. the importance of providing stimulating environments to children

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  1. A visual stimulus to to______________ as an auditory stimulus is to?past, future


  2. In both men and women, the hormone that governs sexual desires isTestosterone


  3. The most widely accepted trait theory isMOST people will shock a person with 450 bolts when instructed by an authority figure


  4. Terry is trying to study in the student center. At first, he finds it hard to concentrate because of all the noise and conversation going on around him. however after a few minutes, Terry is able to tune out the noise and concentrate on his studies. Terry's experience is an example of what type of learning?High levels of stored fat in the body


  5. The difference between a somatoform disorder and a medical disorder is that theTestosterone


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