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  1. Problem focused coping is more likely to be used when the problem is perceived to be____________, whereas emotion focused coping is more likely to be used when the problem is perceived to be______
  2. The difference between a somatoform disorder and a medical disorder is that the
  3. Sarah was bitten by a dog which naturally was a very scary experience. Now when Sarah even hears a dog barking, she feels afraid. In this example, dog barking is the
  4. With the development of tolerance to a substance, what happens to the margin of safety
  5. On exam day, as you attempt to answer the questions on the exam, you are primarily engaged in the___________of memory traces
  1. a controllable; uncontrollable
  2. b retrieval
  3. c The margin of safety begin to narrow.
  4. d Conditioned stimulus
  5. e symptoms of the somatoform disorder have no underlying medical cause

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  1. the margin of safety begins to narrow.
  2. Size constancy
  3. reaction formation
  4. Testosterone
  5. Freddie, the Cocker Spaniel

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  1. Stanley Milgram found that__________Verbal, semantic or emotional form


  2. Hans Selye's general adaptation syndrome describes thebehavior is no longer reinforced


  3. Terry is trying to study in the student center. At first, he finds it hard to concentrate because of all the noise and conversation going on around him. however after a few minutes, Terry is able to tune out the noise and concentrate on his studies. Terry's experience is an example of what type of learning?High levels of stored fat in the body


  4. Motivation would best be defined asSleepy


  5. In Jung's theory, persona is to_________as shadow is to________visible;hidden