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  1. Albert Bandura found through his research that
  2. Couple therapy focuses on
  3. On exam day, as you attempt to answer the questions on the exam, you are primarily engaged in the___________of memory traces
  4. The most widely accepted trait theory is
  5. A natural form of aversive conditioning is
  1. a improving communication and intimacy between two people in a committed relationship.
  2. b the five Factor theory
  3. c retrieval
  4. d food poisoning
  5. e Children will readily imitate the behavior of aggressive adults as long as the adults were not punished.

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  1. self-actualization
  2. Kinesthesis
  3. Chunking
  4. A tendency to desire or seek out positive outcomes and avoid negatives ones
  5. visible;hidden

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  1. In the person-situation interactiona person exhibits certain personality traits in specific situations


  2. Typing information into a computer is most analogous to the_____________of memoryRetrieval


  3. Similar to Wilhelm Wundt, if you were to use a self-observation technique to analyze the basic elements of your thought processes, you would most likely be using a method called?self-actualization


  4. which of the following is TRUE regarding the education of psychologists?Most psychologists have a Ph.D or Psy.D degree.


  5. Which of the following statements about absolute thresholds is FALSE?The absolute threshold is the minimum change in stimulus intensity that can be detected.