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  1. Melissa is overprotective of her two year old son, Lance. She is so fearful that he will harm himself that she does everything for him and does not allow him to try and master simple tasks such as putting his toys away. It is likely that Lance may have difficulty resolving Eridson's crisis of
  2. In Jung's theory, persona is to_________as shadow is to________
  3. In research, what is a fundamental principle of ethical practice?
  4. Extinction in operant conditioning occurs when the
  5. Franklin is extremely homophobic. He often bashes gays as an attempt to conceal his own sexual interest in men. Franklin is most likely engaging in the defense mechanism of
  1. a visible;hidden
  2. b behavior is no longer reinforced
  3. c reaction formation
  4. d autonomy vs. shame and doubt
  5. e Informed consent

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  1. group; individual
  2. unconscious
  3. retrieval
  4. biological
  5. Conditioned stimulus

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  1. Compared to a person who never smoked marijuana, a long-term user would be more likely to showAll of these


  2. Which of the following statements about absolute thresholds is FALSE?Most psychologists have a Ph.D or Psy.D degree.


  3. Retrograde amnesia is to _____________as anterograde amnesia is to _________past, future


  4. Sam recently lost his grandmother. Now Sam feels sad whenever he smells the perfume his beloved grandmother used to wear. In this example, Sam sadness is theCohesiveness; conformity


  5. Melatonin tends to make youA tendency to desire or seek out positive outcomes and avoid negatives ones


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