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  1. High leptin levels in the brain are most associated with
  2. as the______of a group increases so does_______ within the group
  3. Melatonin tends to make you
  4. Hakeem spent three hours trying to solve a physics problem to no avail. Finally, in frustration, he gave up and went to watch TV. To his surprise, while watching TV Hakeem found the he suddenly knew how to solve the problem. Hakeem seems to have benefited from______________
  5. Around the age of_____children begin to get reinforced about gender from their peers.
  1. a three years
  2. b High levels of stored fat in the body
  3. c Sleepy
  4. d Cohesiveness; conformity
  5. e Incubation

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  1. Informed consent
  2. unconscious
  3. Jonathon, a physician who owns stock in a fast food restaurant
  4. Positive correction
  5. long term; short-term

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  1. Motivation would best be defined asA tendency to desire or seek out positive outcomes and avoid negatives ones


  2. Typing information into a computer is most analogous to the__________of memory traces in humans.encoding


  3. Extinction in operant conditioning occurs when theA tendency to desire or seek out positive outcomes and avoid negatives ones


  4. In terms of physical strength, stamina, coordination, dexterity and endurance, both men and women peak when they are in their?late 20's and early 30's


  5. Lately Audrey has experienced several episodes where she feels detached from her own body and from her thoughts. Audrey is most likely to be diagnosed withUR


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