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  1. Contrary to the Cannon-Bard theory of emotion, the James-Lange theory maintains that emotion originates in the
  2. In research, what is a fundamental principle of ethical practice?
  3. Concepts are stored in memory in a
  4. In a recent survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, which generation reported the highest average stress levels?
  5. Couple therapy focuses on
  1. a improving communication and intimacy between two people in a committed relationship.
  2. b Verbal, semantic or emotional form
  3. c Informed consent
  4. d Gen Xers
  5. e body

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  1. Conditioned stimulus
  2. retrieval
  3. controllable; uncontrollable
  4. Positive correction
  5. Cognitive

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  1. Franklin is extremely homophobic. He often bashes gays as an attempt to conceal his own sexual interest in men. Franklin is most likely engaging in the defense mechanism ofreaction formation


  2. Based on you reading, which of the following animals is least likely to show any linguistic abilities?Jonathon, a physician who owns stock in a fast food restaurant


  3. A typical response to an avoidance-avoidance conflict isIndecision


  4. Reinforcing a shy child with verbal praise every time he speaks out in class would be an example ofJonathon, a physician who owns stock in a fast food restaurant


  5. Terry is trying to study in the student center. At first, he finds it hard to concentrate because of all the noise and conversation going on around him. however after a few minutes, Terry is able to tune out the noise and concentrate on his studies. Terry's experience is an example of what type of learning?Habituation