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  1. Terry is trying to study in the student center. At first, he finds it hard to concentrate because of all the noise and conversation going on around him. however after a few minutes, Terry is able to tune out the noise and concentrate on his studies. Terry's experience is an example of what type of learning?
  2. High leptin levels in the brain are most associated with
  3. People with schizophrenia who primarily exhibit positive symptoms are more likely to
  4. In a recent survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, which generation reported the highest average stress levels?
  5. Compared to a person who never smoked marijuana, a long-term user would be more likely to show
  1. a Gen Xers
  2. b All of these
  3. c respond to medicine
  4. d High levels of stored fat in the body
  5. e Habituation

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  1. Freddie, the Cocker Spaniel
  2. How easy it is to create prejudice in children.
  3. Informed consent
  4. three years
  5. food poisoning

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  1. as the______of a group increases so does_______ within the groupCohesiveness; conformity


  2. Melissa is overprotective of her two year old son, Lance. She is so fearful that he will harm himself that she does everything for him and does not allow him to try and master simple tasks such as putting his toys away. It is likely that Lance may have difficulty resolving Eridson's crisis ofautonomy vs. shame and doubt


  3. Your psychology professor studies processes like thought, memory, and knowledge. She is most likely what type of psychologist?Smell


  4. With the development of tolerance to a substance, what happens to the margin of safetythe margin of safety begins to narrow.


  5. With the development of tolerance to a substance, what happens to the margin of safety?the margin of safety begins to narrow.