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  1. Melatonin tends to make you
  2. In the person-situation interaction
  3. The fact that the young brain prunes and discards neural connections that are not used suggests
  4. The ten digits of a person's telephone number may exceed the capacity of short-term memory but for most people a telephone number actually becomes three bits of information through a process called
  5. With the development of tolerance to a substance, what happens to the margin of safety?
  1. a Chunking
  2. b the importance of providing stimulating environments to children
  3. c a person exhibits certain personality traits in specific situations
  4. d Sleepy
  5. e the margin of safety begins to narrow.

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  1. size constancy
  2. symptoms of the somatoform disorder have no underlying medical cause
  3. Embarrassment
  4. How easy it is to create prejudice in children.
  5. Habituation

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  1. Around the age of_____children begin to get reinforced about gender from their peers.Indecision


  2. The most widely accepted trait theory isVerbal, semantic or emotional form


  3. In a recent survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, which generation reported the highest average stress levels?Gen Xers


  4. Do skin senses do NOT includeSleepy


  5. Typing information into a computer is most analogous to the_____________of memoryencoding


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