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  1. For which of our five senses do scientists have the poorest understanding?
  2. In terms of physical strength, stamina, coordination, dexterity and endurance, both men and women peak when they are in their?
  3. A five year old child taking the Stanford-Binet test and scoring at a mental age of four would have an IQ of
  4. Motivation would best be defined as
  5. Around the age of_____children begin to get reinforced about gender from their peers.
  1. a Smell
  2. b late 20's and early 30's
  3. c A tendency to desire or seek out positive outcomes and avoid negatives ones
  4. d three years
  5. e 80

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  1. Cohesiveness; conformity
  2. the margin of safety begins to narrow.
  3. symptoms of the somatoform disorder have no underlying medical cause
  4. Chunking
  5. Embarrassment

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  1. Do skin senses do NOT includeKinesthesis


  2. With the development of tolerance to a substance, what happens to the margin of safetyThe absolute threshold is the minimum change in stimulus intensity that can be detected.


  3. Reinforcing a shy child with verbal praise every time he speaks out in class would be an example ofoperant conditioning


  4. Hans Selye's general adaptation syndrome describes thebody's reaction to stress


  5. People with schizophrenia who primarily exhibit positive symptoms are more likely toALL OF THESE