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  1. The average age at first marriage in the U.S is______for men, and ____for women.
  2. Emma is constantly putting herself down and believes that she is stupid. Her negative thinking often depresses her mood. Which perspective might be most helpful in understanding the case of Emma's depression?
  3. Concepts are stored in memory in a
  4. A sexually promiscuous teenage girl may not realize that her motivations stem from conflicting emotions surrounding growing up without a father. Freud would most likely say that her motivations are arising from her
  5. The ten digits of a person's telephone number may exceed the capacity of short-term memory but for most people a telephone number actually becomes three bits of information through a process called
  1. a 28; 26
  2. b unconscious
  3. c Verbal, semantic or emotional form
  4. d cognitive
  5. e Chunking

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  1. Jonathon, a physician who owns stock in a fast food restaurant
  2. body's reaction to stress
  3. food poisoning
  4. operant conditioning
  5. the margin of safety begins to narrow.

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  1. A typical response to an avoidance-avoidance conflict isIndecision


  2. If you are just introduced to a group of individuals and then immediately asked to recall their names, you would probably have most difficulty remembering the names of individuals who were presented.Narcolepsy


  3. Compared to a person who never smoked marijuana, a long-term user would be more likely to showrespond to medicine


  4. With the development of tolerance to a substance, what happens to the margin of safetythe margin of safety begins to narrow.


  5. People with schizophrenia who primarily exhibit positive symptoms are more likely toHigh levels of stored fat in the body