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M O-1
Second Lieutenant
M O-2
First Lieutenant
M O-3
M O-4
M O-5
Lieutenant Colonel
M O-6
M O-7
Brigadier General
M O-8
Major General
M O-9
Lieutenant General
M O-10
Commander in chief
President Barack H. Obama
Vice president
Honorable Joe Biden
Secretary of Defense
Honorable Ashton Carter
Secretary of the navy
Honorable Ray Maybus
Chief of naval operations
Admiral John Richardson
M- E1
Private (No Insignia)
M- E2
Private First Class
M- E3
Lance Corporal
M- E4
M- E5
M- E6
Staff Seargeant
M- E7
Gunnery Seargeant
M- E8 (1)
Master Seargeant
M- E8 (2)
First Seargeant
M- E9 (2)
Seargeant Major
M- E9 (1)
Master Gunnery Seargeant
M- E9 (3)
Sergeant Major of the Marine Core
Purpose of Administrative Command
to provide support for the operational forces
Purpose of the Operational Command
Used for direction of actual combatant forces
What does the Secretary of Defense do?
Primary civilian defense policy advisory to the president
What does the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff do?
Primary military advisory
Roles of the Navy & examples.
1. Strategic Detterence
2. Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief
3. Power Projection
4. Sea Control
5. Strategic Sealift
6. Forward naval presence
7. maritime security
E-1 N
Seamen Recruit (SR)
E-2 N
Seamen Apprentice (SA)
E-3 N
Seamen (SN)
E-4 N
Petty Officer 3rd Class (PO3)
E-5 N
Petty Officer 2nd Class (PO2)
E-6 N
Petty Officer 1st Class (PO1)
E-7 N
Chief Petty Officer (CPO)
E-8 N
Senior Chief Petty Officer (SCPO)
E-9 N
Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO)
Officer pay grade (O-1)
enlisted pay grade (E-1)
Enlisted specialties (boatswain, sonar technician)
Quarterdeck honors
(O-4 & below): 2 gongs
(O-5 & O-6): 4 gongs
(O-7 & O-8): 6 gongs
(O-9 & above): 8 gongs
National Anthem customs
stand at attention, face national ensign or direction of music. Salute at sound of first note. Hold until last note is played.
3 Fast attack submarines
Los Angeles, Seawolf, Virginia
Los Angeles
39 & decommissioning
688= bow planes 688i= fairwater planes
most common
phased out by Virginia class
Special operations
fastest quietest
3 in commission 21,22,23
less expensive alternative to LA
2 added every year
staterooms for women
SSBN & ballistic missile submarine difference
Mission of SSBN: Strategic deterrence
blue/gold crew concept
Submarine career path
Submarine assignment -->
sub school (10 weeks) -->
nuc power training unit (24weeks) -->
nuc power school (24 weeks)
SWO career path
1st Divo tour --> 2nd Divo tour--> shore tour or single longer Divo tour--> shore tour
Mission of Aircraft Carrier
-provide forward presence
-support its embarked airwing
Mission of Cruiser
-Battle control
-Anti-sub warfare (ASW)
-Anti Air Warfare (AAW)
-Surface Warfare (SUW)
-Strike Warfare (STW)
Mission of Destroyer
ANti-Sub Warfare
Anti Air Wwarfare
Surface Warfare
Strike Warfare
When is Service Selection?
End of Junior Year
What is required if you want to be a pilot?
Pass ASTB; 1st class swim qual
Aviation Career Path
1st squadron tour --> First shore tour--> second sea tour---> FRS refresher---> operational department head tour ---> second shore tour-->O-5 selection board--> Aviation command screen board-->Command tour
When to wear gloves?
When working with wire rope
Requirements for Working Aloft
-Tended harness
-knowledgeable supervisor
-periodic announcements
-required permission
Rerquirements for Working over the side
-tended harness
-knowledgeable supervisor
-periodic announcements
-required permission
*life jacket*
Working in holds/ confined spaces
-tank watch
-material inventory
Life lines
flexible lines rigged between two stanchions to prevent falls
Life Rails
permanent rails set up to prevent falls
Safety Chains
-Rigged around open hatch in the deck
-prevent people from falling where a permanent fixture is not possible
How to tell if an anchor is out of control
*a yellow "shot" of anchor chain is a warning
*a red shot is danger
Fire tetrahedron
oxygen, fuel, heat, uninhibited chain reaction
3 phases of damage control
Purpose of compartmentalization & how we accomplish it
Conditions of readiness & when they are set
Special classifications
Initial Actions if you discover a fire
RESTRICT- attempt further spread
EXTINGUISH- based on class, use most effective agent
paper, wood, etc.
Agent: (water, CO2, AFFF)
flammable liquids
Agent: (AFFF, PKP, Halon Gas)
controller motors
Agent: (CO2)
combustible metals
Agent: (jettison)
Who is subject to UCMJ
-Active Duty Personnel
-Reservists on active duty
-U.S. NAvy academy midshipmen
-Retired personnel receiving benefits
-Civilian under martial law
-NROTC midshipmrn on summer cruise
Details of non-judicial punishment
1. Can deny ashore, but not underway. If denied ashore sent to court martial
2. issued by CO
jurisdictions, convening authority, composition of different court martials
NJP Vs court martials
*NJPs- not a trial (no judge lawyers), CO awards punishment, any military member can receive it
*Court Martials- 3 types: (summary, special, & general) judge, defense, & trial
provide legal advice & services to client commands, active duty personnel, retired members, dependents
Supply corps
provide logistical and operational support to the fleet
-operational analysis
-food service
-supply management
Informational dominance corps
aims to master the areas intelligence, cyber warfare, command & control, etc.
Intelligence Community
provide the fleet with critical intelligence and assessments of other fleets

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