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Lesson 4 Key Words


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inception n.
The beginning of something.
incipient adj.
In its early stages; beginning.
annihilate v.
To destroy completely.
nihilism n.
The total rejection of religious or moral beliefs.

Related words:
nihilist n.
nihilistic adj.
nihility n.
negate v.
To rule out; to cancel; to repeal
renegade n.
One who deserts a group, cause, faith, etc..; an outlaw
vacuous adj.
Empty especially of meaning or purpose.
vanity n.
1. Too much pride in one's appearance

2. Something worthless or useless.

3. A dressing table.
As a verb: To boast or brag about

As a noun: A boast
aperture n.
An opening, especially one that admits light.
overt adj.
Done or shown openly.