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Current Events

8/29- Proposed Keystone XL pipeline
who: Obama, Native Americans, Ranchers
where: Alberta, Canada to Houston, Texas
when: ongoing
why: more jobs, oil in high demand, population
8/31- Lester
who: people of the hawaiian islands
where: Hawaii Island
when: now, ongoing
9/6-Brock Turner
what: sexually assaulted an unconscious woman never a dumpster after a frat party, 3 month sentence, registered sex offender
where: stand ford university
why: unfair punishment
8/22- Alison Teal
who: adventure films, global environmental and human issues
what: first person to surf the base of an erupting volcano
why: life long dream
8/23- Ryan Lockte
who: olympic us gold medalist
what: apologized for lying about being robbed in rio
where: rio
why: immature
8/25- 6.2 earthquake
who: Italian people
where: central italy, rome
why: fault line between eurasian plate and african people
9/7- drought
who: Indian
where: india
when: now, ongoing
why: there is no rain
9/9- tohono o odham nation
what: tribe stuck in boarder war. need to show identification to cross the boarder
where: arizona, mexico boarder
why: problems with immigrants and drugs which need more protection
9/12- 9/11
who: 19 hijackers, Ai Qaeda
what: worst terroist attack against the us, 3000 people killed
where: twin tower, new york
when: september 11, commenting 15 years later
why: continued in the middle east
9/15- clinton passed out because of pneumonia
where: new york
when: 9/11
why: is she healthy enough to be the president?
9/19- bomb explosion in rice cooker
who: 29 injured
where: chelsea, NY
why: is it an act of terror
9/21- donald trump jr twitter reference
what: compared the syrian refugee problem to skittles
why: doesn't want syrian people refugees immigrating to US which is causing people to be upset
9/22- unarmed man fatally shot by police when his car was stalled
who: terence clutcher, officer betty shelby
where: tulsa, oklahoma
why: did he get shot because he was african american?
9/26- yemen children
what: 1.5 million children are starving, shortage of medicine due to war
when: 2015-now
why: the need for action by the US and the world
9/27- presidential debate
who: hillary and trump
where: Hofstra university, NY
why: president of the US
9/29- venezuela people
what: people are starving, storage of supplies
when: April 2016 to now
why: president dictates the economy
10/3- Rodrigo Dutere aka the punisher
who: president of the phillipines
what: tough on crime and corruption
where: manilla, phillipines
why: is he doing the right thing?
10/4- people living in an oil industry town
what: oil industry provides money to local communities, need to protect our environment from climate change
where: north dakota and montana
10/6- hurricane matthew
who: people in florida
where: florida, bahama, heidi
why: gathering supplies
10/18-battle for mosul
who: ISIS, US military support
where: Mosul, Iraq
why: mosul is ISIS last stronghold in Iraq and second biggest city
10/18- heorin epidemic
who: high school students
what: usage in US is 4x the national average
where: kirkwood high school, Missouri
why: addiction controls a persons life
10/20- 3rd and last presidential debate
who: hilary and trump
where: university of nevada
10/25- authorities clearing out the jungle or refugee camp
who: migrants and refugees
where: calais, france
why: is this helpful?
10/31- distracted driving
who: drivers
what: 2/3 teens use phones, 1/2 parents use phone
why: growth of social media
11/3-Billy Kenoi
who: big island mayor
what: misusing govt issued card
where: hilo court room
why: govt corruption
11/15-counterfeit money so producing new currency is affecting banks
who: indian people
where: india
why: targeting the wealthy but hurting the middle class
11/17- bombing, civil war since 2011
who: syrians
where: aleppo syria
why: they want humanity aid, will we help?
11/21- fake news
who: average us citizen
what: be on the lookout for fake things
where: social media
why: be aware of what you read online
12/7-north dakota access pipeline
who: army corp of engineers, six nation
what: govt not allowing pipe
where: north dakota to illinois through Mississippi river
why: water is life, people are skeptical