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notes and review for the midterm exam

Unitary Gov

highly centralized gov. where the capital city serves as a focus of power

Federal Gov.

a gov. where the state is organized into territories, which have control over gov. policies and funds Ex. US, Nigeria


movement of power from the central to regional within the state


drawing voting districts to benefit one group

define boundary

a document is created that indicates exact landmark

delimit boundary

cartogrophers place the boundary on the map


physical boundary; wall, fence

mackinder's heartland theory

world dominance lies in Eurasia

Languages of Belgium

Flanders (north)- Flemish, Walloons (south)- French


Belgium, Netherland, + Luxembourg in 1944 signed agreement of cooperation

concern of EU

euro, intigration, balance of power, Turkey

League of Nations

after ww1, US made it, but didn not last because US did not join


lang. of the Basque ; unrelated to any other language


process of placing prices/selling something not previously bought/sold


place name

Khoisan Family

oldest langs in Subsahar Africa, "click" sound


ancestral Indo-Euro. language


P-I-E's ancient ancestor


boundary where languistic feature occurs. ex- pop, soda, coke

Standard Italian

Italian spoken in Florence + Tuscany

Invasion and Succession

new immigrants move to areas occupied by older immigrant groups ex- NY, Puerto Ricans "invade" Jew Harlem

Milwakee, Wisc.

most segregated city in U.S

Heirachial diffusion

starts somewhere big, goes to other big cities, follows patter ex- fashion

time-space compression

how quickly innovations difuse& refers to how interlinked two places are through transport/communication


invigorating old cultures in modern world

mortality rate

the rate at which people are dying by #s in a time period

biggest World Pop. Clusters

East Asia, South Asia, Europe, North America

absolute location

determined by frame of reference

relative location

describes a place in relation to other human or physical features


made 3-teir structure of the world: core, periphery, semi-periphery

Tibetan Buddhism

splintered from Hinduism 2500+ yrs ago. Siddhartha- Buddha; enlightened one

monolingual states

only 1 spoken language. ex- Japan, Uruguay, Denamrk, Portugal, Poland, Lesotho


a set of processes that are increasing interactions, deepening relationships, and heightening interdependence without regard to country borders

Themes of Geography

Location, Human-Environment Interactions, Region, Place, Movement


worried about pop. growth and resources

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