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Religion for the test tomorrow njap0405 is da bomb :-D hi

First Vatican Council

first ecumenical council since council of trent

Papal infallibility

the pope is with out flaw in proof of catholic church


world wide


conflict of culture

Congress of vienna

reestablished papal rules

Rerum Novarum

"Of new things"


began persecutting catholics and made Jesuits leave the country

Pope Pius IX

called first vatican council

Pope Leo XIII

applied traditional doctrines to the conditions of the modern world

Pope Pius X(essay)

believed children should recieve eucharist, and urged priests to give shorter simple homilies, and catholics to recieve eucharist once a week

John Bosco

Italian saint who founded the Salesian

St. Francis Xavier Cabrini

Founded missionaries of the sacred heart of Jesus

Katharine Drexel

founded the sisters fo the blessed Sacrament

John Carrol

Arch Bishop of Baltimore, Maryland

John England

started the first catholic new paper

By 1850, ________ catholics in US


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