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Milk is heated to destroy bacteria and extend shelf life.
Nutrients are added back into a product after processing. Ex. Vitamins A & D
Milk Fat
Fat portion of milk.
Mechanical process that prevents cream from rising to the surface
Cultured Dairy Products
Helpful bacteria has been added to change the composition of a dairy product.
Cultured Dairy Products- list
Sour Cream, Buttermilk, Yogurt
Concentrated Dairy Products
Dairy products obtained by water being removed.
Concentrated Dairy Products- list
sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, dried milk
Heavy Whipping Cream
36% milkfat; what rises to the top of whole milk.
Half & Half
10-18% milkfat. Mixture of milk and cream.
80% milkfat. Churned cream- separates fat from liquid.
Liquid portion of coagulated milk.
Solid portion of coagulated Milk.
Produced by separating milk into the curd and the whey by adding enzymes. Ripened and unripened types.
Burning of milk caused by high temperatures. Creates a brown, off-taste.
Evaporated Milk
A concentrated milk product that contains half the amount of water as regular milk. Used in baked products.
Sweetened Condensed Milk
A concentrated milk product that has had water removed and sweetener added. Used in baked products.
Dry Milk
A concentrated milk product that has had all water removed and comes in a powder or flake form.
A cultured dairy product in which bacteria has been added to milk, and many times sweeteners and flavors.
A cultured dairy product that was initially created from the liquid left after making butter.
Sour Cream
A cultured dairy product that has added a helpful bacteria to cream.
Whole Milk
3.25% Milkfat
Reduced Fat Milk
2% Milkfat
Low-fat Milk
1% Milkfat
Non-fat/Skim Milk
0% Milkfat
Milk Solids
Contains the vitamins, minerals, proteins, and lactose that are found in milk.