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6th Grade ADVENT 7-10

What is the name of Abraham and Sarah's son?
twin brother of Jacob, who sold his birthright
Twin Brother of Esau. He received the covenant.
Wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac
Wife of Isaac. Mother of Jacob and Esau
Abraham sent his servant to find a wife for Isaac. Where did the servant meet Rebekah?
At a well
What did Jacob buy off of Esau for a bowl of lentils? Esau was very hungry.
His Birthright
What did Jacob steal from Esau when he dress up in his cloths?
Isaac's blessing
Why was Jacob able to steal Esau's blessing?
Isaac was blind
Why did Jacob not need to steal Esau's blessing?
God already promised it to him.
Why did Jacob run away to Haran? He meet his wife in Haran.
Esau was going to kill him
Where did Jacob meet his 2nd wife Rachel?
At a well
How many wives did Jacob have?
an offence against God. Freely choosing to go against God's law
How did Laban trick Jacob on his wedding night?
He switched the bride.
God changed Jacob's name to?
What did Jacob do with God all night long. (When he was crossing the river)
He wrestled with God
Why did God make a covenant with Jacob?
Because of His Fathers Abraham and Isaac
A serious sin that kills our relationship with God
Mortal Sin
A sin that only hurts our relationship with God, but does not kill it.
Venial Sin
Only way we know of forgiving Mortal Sin besides Baptism.
What was the first list of Mortal sins?
10 commandments
Who was Jacob's favorite wife
How many Sons did Jacob have?
Why did his brother sell Joseph into slavery?
they were jealous
Joseph was sold as a slave in Egypt. What happened working for his first master?
He was put in prison
How did Joseph get out of prison?
He interpreted Pharaoh's dream
Why did Joseph's brothers go an see Joseph?
They needed food
What did Joseph do to his brothers for trying to kill him.
He forgave them.
What happened after Joseph and his brothers reconciled?
They all moved to Egypt
What is the second book of the Bible that included the story of Moses leading the Israelite out of Egypt.
The first 5 books of Bible.
How long where the Israelites in Egypt?
400 years
Pharaoh tried to kill all the baby Israelite boys. He was saved by Pharaoh's daughter. Where did she find Moses
He was in a basket in the river
Why did Moses run away to Midian (Saudi Arabia) and then live there in the Desert.
He killed an Egyptian
God appeared to Moses in the Desert. He spoke from the________________.
A Burning Bush
God asked Moses to work with Him to set the Israelites free. What was Moses first response?
Moses gave excuses why he could not do it.
Pharaoh did not let the Israelites go free when Moses asked him. What did God do to the Egyptians?
He sent 10 Plagues
What was the final Plague that changed Pharaoh's mind
Death of the firstborn son
Israelites ate the Passover before the 10th plague. The Angel of Death came to kill the 1st born sons. Who was "passed over"
The Israelites
What died instead of the Israelites at Passover?
The lamb
The Egyptian Army where chasing the Israelites. How did they escape.
God killed them in the Red Sea
God Set the Israelites free from slavery to Pharaoh. Who does Jesus set us free from?
Slavery to the Devil
God freed the Israelites from Pharaoh by going through the water of the Red Sea. Jesus sets us free from the Devil by?
waters of baptism
There are 3 requirements to commit a mortal sin.
1) It must be serious. (On the mortal sin list) 2) We must know it is serious 3) We freely choose to do it. (On purpose)
Jacob had 4 wives and he love Rachel the most. This is not good. What bad thing happened because of this?
The brother hated Joseph and tried to kill him.
The Israelites had to "Kill, spill, and eat your fill" at the first Passover. What do these 3 things mean
1) Kill the lamb 2) spill blood on Door Post 3) Eat all of the Lamb
The Passover Lamb points to Jesus. How is Jesus like the Passover Lamb? What happened to the lamb (1) that also happened to Jesus (2) and why?
1) The Lamb died to save the Israelites from the Angel of Death. 2) Jesus died to save us from the Devil