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These are the possible questions that will be used for the final exam that may or may not have been on previous exams.

The sociological perspective

challenges commonly held beliefs

The focus of the structural-functional approach

The consequences of social patterns for the operation of society

Criticism of the structural-functional approach

Not critical of inequalities base on social class, race, ethnicity, and gender

Which theoretical approach would highlight the fact that on average African American families have less income than white families

Race Conflict approach

Using the symbolic interaction approach, sports are understood as

Less a system, than an ongoing process

The following illustrates a micro-level focus

Two people on an airplane getting to know each other

Sociologists define a symbol as

anything that carries meaning to people who share a culture

____ are rules about casual living; and ____ are rules with great moral significance

Folkways; mores

As our society has entered a postindustrial, computer based phase the following has become more important

Learning to work with symbols by speaking writing and computing

The following statement is a good example of cultural lag

Gaining the ability to modify genetic patterns in humans before understanding the possible social consequences of doing so

Cultural change is set in motion in 3 general ways

Invention, discovery, diffusion

A person who criticizes an Amish farmer as being "backward" for tilling his fields with horses and plow instead of using a tractor is displaying


The theoretical approach that highlights the link between culture and social inequality

Social-Conflict approach

Family is important to the socialization process because

Family members are often what Mead called "significant others", families pass along social identity to children in terms of class, ethnicity, and religion; parents greatly affect a child's sense of self

One contribution of schooling to the socialization process that teaches about rules and schedules is

Exposing the child to a bureaucratic setting

In the historical perspective, the importance of the mass media to the socialization process has

Increased over time

Industrial societies typically define people in old age as

more out of touch and less socially important than younger adults

Julie is a police officer who finds that wherever she goes in her small town, people seem to think of her as a "cop". Julie is experiencing the effects of

Master status

In sociological terms, being an honor student is an example of which of the following

Achieved status

Shawna is an excellent artist, but as a mother she feels that she cannot work and devote enough time to her family, she is experiencing

Role conflict

Cultures differ in terms of

What triggers emotions; the rules for what emotions are appropriate to express

Milgram's research in which subjects used a "shock generator" showed

People are surprisingly likely to follow the orders of not only real authority figures but also groups of ordinary individuals

If you were a prisoner, a max-security prison would be an example of which of the following organizations

A coercive organization

The following is not a bureaucracy trait

Favoring family members over strangers

Weber argued that formal organizations were efficient, but he cautioned that they can have harmful effects on people. As he saw it

Organizations create conformity

The historical replacement of cast systems with class systems

Replaces one kind of inequality with another

Ideology or cultural beliefs that support social stratification is found in

both class and caste systems

The concept of "conspicuous consumption" refers to

The practice of buying things to make a statement about one's social position

A common micro-level pattern involving social interaction is that

People tend to socialize with others of about the same social position

In the US, which age category has the highest pov rate

Children and young adults under 24

Japan, Canada, nations of western Europe are classified as

High-income countries

Absolute poverty is


Which concept refers to a global economy in which multinational corporations exploit people in low income nations


If you were to apply modernization theory to the problem of global poverty, you might point to

The use of relatively little advanced technology

Some critics claim that modernization theory

Ignores how rich nations prevent the econ development of poor nations

Dependency theory differs from modernization theory by

Explaining global inequality in terms of exploitation of poor by rich

Wallerstein pointed to several factors that cause dependency among low-income nations, and prevent those nations from improving their economies. Which of the following is a factor that Wallerstein did not claim to be a cause of dependency?

Lack of integration into world economy

The chapter argues that gender is not just a matter of difference in behavior, but also differences in

Power, wealth and privileges

The concept of "glass ceiling" refers to

the barrier that prevents women from being promoted

What is a reason to see women as a minority in the US

At every class level, women have less income, education and power than men do

In what percent of rapes and attempted rapes on college campuses does the woman know her attacker?


Rape culture refers to the idea that

The existence of rape affects all women, even those who are never assaulted; the existence of rape is a form of gender inequality; rape is not an aberration but an extension of cultural definitions of masculinity and femininity

Comparative research indicates that

Although sex has a bio foundation, sex practices vary from place to place as an element of the culture

The majority of evidence that sex orientation is rooted in

Human biology, although social experience might play some role

What is NOT true about rape

In most cases of rape, the victim does NOT know the attacker

If you were teaching a class about the symbolic-interaction approach to sexuality, on which of the following topics would you likely focus

How individuals in various settings engage in different sexual behavior and attach different meanings to sexual activity

Which of the following statements about prejudice is true?

Prejudice involves prejudgments; prejudice treats everyone in some category the same way; prejudice can be positive or negative

While prejudice is a matter of ____, discrimination is a matter of ____

Attitude; action

A company has a policy of finding job applicants by asking their workers for referrals. This could be an example of

Institutional discrimination

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