Foundations Final

What was one of the first positive pressure ventilators developed?
Drager Pulmotor
Which medications have not been delivered as an aerosol by a respiratory therapist?
How is competency to practice Respiratory Care determined?
obtaining a passing grade on a credentialing exam administered by the NBRC after graduation from a CoARC approved program
In 1846, who developed a water seal spirometer, which allowed accurate measurements of the patients vital capacity?
When did the designation "respiratory therapist" become standard?
Which of the following is not an expected role of a respiratory therapist?
selling oxygen therapy devices to patients
According to the AARC, which of the following is not considered a major focus of respiratory therapists in the future?
RTs working independently and separately from other health care team members like physicians and nurses
What was the primary duty of the first inhalation therapists?
support oxygen therapy
Who is credited with first describing the law of partial pressure for a gas mixture?
John Dalton
If you are a licensed and practicing RT in the state of MO, how many continuing education units are needed to maintain your state license?
24 every 2 years
What was the name of the first professional organization for the field of respiratory care?
Inhalation Therapy Association
Who is the MSRC district president for Joplin and its surrounding area?
Chris Cox
Where are the majority of RTs employed?
hospitals or acute care settings
In what year did the respiratory care professional organization American Association for Respiratory Therapy (AART) change its name to the American Association for respiratory Care?
The majority of respiratory care education programs in the US offer what degree?
Associate's degree
Who introduced the first laryngoscope in 1913?
Chevalier Jackson
Who is considered to be the "Father of Medicine"?
Who was the first scientist in 1865 to suggest that many diseases were caused my microorganisms?
Louis Pastuer
What is not true regarding the AARC?
It grants credentials to RTs in specialty areas like critical care and sleep disorders
Which of the following is not predicted to be a growing trend in RC for the future?
increased us of invasive intravascular lines for patient monitoring
In 1662, a chemist published a book that described the relationship between gas, volume, and pressure. What was the chemist's name?
Robert Boyle
Who discovered oxygen in 1774 and described it as "dephlogisticated air"?
Joseph Priestly
What is the name of the special task force created by the AARC in 2007 to envision the potential roles and responsibilities of future RTs?
2015 and Beyond
Who discovered the x-ray and opened the door for the modern field of radiology?
William Roentgen
What organization was created to regulate the practice of RC against harm by incompetence and unlawful practice?
Missouri Board for Respiratory Care
What organization has developed an examination to enable RTs to become credentialed?
National Board for Respiratory Therapy
Who is the MSRC district vice president serving Joplin and its surrounding area?
Sherry Whiteman
Which of the following organizations offers you publications concerning research and trends in RC when you apply to become a member?
In what year did it become a requirement for RTs to be licensed by the state in which they practice?
Which two names are linked with the development of the iron lung, which was extensively used to treat the polio epidemic in the 1950s?
Drinker and Emerson
You are a practicing RT working in MO. You desire to become more professional and want to become active in the MSRC. Which district would you be a part of if you live and work in SWMO?
District II
Today, RC educational programs int he US are accredited by what organization?
Who was the first to develop the large scale production of O2 in 1907?
Karl von Linde
Who was the man responsible for the "Four Essential Fluid Theory" that theorized that a person's health was dependent on a balance of the 4 humors: phlegm, blood, yellow bile, and black bile? This theory persisted well into the 19th century and produced such practices as bloodletting and purges.
Which scientist described his law of diffusion for gasses in the 19th century?
Thomas Graham
The CDC was established in what year?
Smallpox can be spread through?
Direct contact
A bubo is?
an acutely swollen lymph node
Which of the follow antibiotics is the drug of choice to treat Tularemia?
What disease is not classified as Class A?
Mycoplasma fever
What is not a treatment for botulism?
What animal is not a reservoir for Tularemia
Which antibiotic is not recommended for treating Anthrax?
A person with smallpox is considered contagious when?
Sores break open
What voluntary accrediting agency monitors quality in respiratory care departments?
What system has the federal govt developed to evaluate the quality of care given to Medicare beneficiaries?
Peer Review Org (PROs)
Responsibility for the technical direction of a RC dept lies with whom?
Department Manager
The effectiveness of the patient-focused care model has been limited by what?
Expense of relocating radiology, pharmacy, and laboratory services to nursing units
What agency is responsible for ensuring quality care through voluntary certification and registration?
What term is used in current health care that refers to an organized strategy of delivering care to a large group of individuals?
Disease management
What is an essential element of a comprehensive protocol program?
Carefully structured assessment tool and care plan form
To monitor correctness of RC plans, what should be used?
Care plan auditors and case study exercises
What term is used to describe the process by which a govt agency gives an individual permission to practice an occupation?
HIPPA was established in 1996 to set standards related to sharing confidential health history info about patients. What does the latter P stand for?
For the CRT credential, what does the letter T stand for?
RC education programs are reviewed by which committee to ensure quality?
Committee for accreditation of respiratory care
The medical director of RC is not responsible for?
establishment of safety and equipment effectiveness standards
Hospital restructuring and redesign has not involved?
Nursing unit having its own admitting and medical lab facilities
Current JCAHO standards for accreditation emphasize what?
Continual quality improvement
What organization is responsible for credentialing RTs?
Who is professionally responsible for the clinical function of the RC dept?
Medical Director
What is the chief reason that the RC protocols were developed and are currently being used in hospitals throughout North America?
enhance proper allocation of RC services
The word credentialing in general refers to what?
recognition of an individual in the profession
What is one advantage that has been shown of RC protocols?
decrease in the overordering of RC services
What term is used to describe the work done by a researcher who reviews numerous studies on a single topic and gives more weight to the more rigorous ones before making recommendations?
Treatment based on careful review of available literature is known as?
evidence based medicine
The responsibilities of a RC dept manager do not include?
regulating medications delivered by respiratory staff
Which of the following is an acceptable practice in medical recordkeeping?
Using standard abbreviations
All health care personnel must use the two patient identifiers before initiating care, which does not include?
patient room number
To check the results of a patient's recent blood work, you would go to which section of the medical record?
lab sheet
Maintaining eye contact, leaning toward the patient, and nodding your head are all good examples of what communication technique?
In the standard approach to hospital fires, the RACE plan has been suggested. What does the C stand for?
To determine and recent trends in the patients pulse, respiration, or BP, you would go to which section of the medical record?
vital signs
How can the risk of fire because of static electrical charge in the presence of O2 be minimized?
Maintain high relative humidity in the area of use
A therapist who says "You seem to be anxious about your surgery" to a patient just admitted for bypass surgery is using what interpersonal communication technique?
reflecting feelings
A patient's response to an interview question is initially unclear. What should your response be?
Please explain that to me again
What current passing through the chest can cause v-fib, diaphragm dysfunction, and death?
The elements of a POMR entry should include what?
1. Patient's subjective complaints and concerns
2. objective data gathered by the health professional
3. assessment of the subjective and objective data
plan to address the identified problems
To find out what drugs or IV fluids a patient received recently, you would go to which section of the medical record?
medication record
To confirm a physician's prescription for a drug that you need to give to a patient, you would go to which section of the medical record?
physician's orders
Information bout a patient's nearest kin, physician, and initial diagnosis can be found in which section of the medical record?
admission sheet
Lifting heavy objects is best done by what?
Straight spine, bent legs
An Rt is instructing on a particular piece of equipment and should use what scenario on education the patient?
Teach back
What is the role of the RT during a disaster situation?
transporting the critically ill to safety first
What should be monitored during ambulation?
skin color, breathing rate and effort, and level of consciousness
What form of patient record is most designated to succinctly report data in a time-oriented format and to decrease time needed for documentation?
What conditions must be met for a fire to occur?
Temperature high enough for combustion, presence of O2, and presence of flammable material
What techniques ensure that understanding is taking place between the parties involved in an interaction?
clarifying, paraphrasing, perception checking, attending
To determine the amount of urine excreted int he last 24 hours, you would go to which section of the medical record?
intake and output sheet (I and O)
Medical records are strictly confidential and are protected under what law?
If you make a mistake when charting a patient's treatment, what should you do?
Draw a line through the mistake and write error above it
What is the primary purpose of grounding all electrical equipment used in the hospital setting?
to prevent the dangerous buildup of voltage in the equipment
Where do most hospital fires initially start?
What are methods of communicating empathy to your patients?
use of touch, use of key words, use of eye contact
A therapist who says, "Please explain that to me again" to a patient during an interview is using what interpersonal communication technique?
When an RT defers a patient's questions about a condition to the attending physician, what ethical principle is being practiced?
role fidelity
In most professions, specific guidance in resolving ethical dilemmas is provided by what?
a code of ethics
A clinician who justifies support for withdrawing life support from a patient because in the end it would be best for all involved" is applying what ethical viewpoint?
What is the role of the corporate compliance officer (CCO) in a health care setting?
to oversee the hospital's business practices and make sure they conform to the law
If an RT refers a medicare patient to a particular home care company and receives a finder's fee in return, this is an example of?
medicare fraud
What are the economic damages that can be imposed on a defendant during a negligence lawsuit?
1. loss of employment or business opportunities
2. loss of property
3. loss of past and future earnings
HIPPA primarily is reffered to as the Privacy Rule and is concerned with PHI. What is PHI?
Protected Health information
When a practitioner performs a procedure that involves physical contact without the patient's consent, it can result in what charge?
In case of a professional negligence, what is not required to support a claim of res ipsa loquitur?
Evidence that shows that the defendant acted with malfeasance or intent
What are the principles of the AARC code of ethics?
1. actively maintaining and improving one's comptence
2. following sound scientific procedures and ethical principles in research
3. promoting disease prevention and wellness
4. striving to improve the access, efficacy, and cost of patient care
5. respecting and protecting the rights of patients they treat
Which ethical principle obliges an RT to uphold a patient's right to refuse a treatment?
An RT that engages in a questionable business practice is committing what type of malpractice?
What is necessary to validate a claim of professional negligence?
1. the practitioner owed a duty to a patient
2. the practitioner was derelict with that duty
3. the breach of duty was the direct cause of damages
4. damage or harm came to the patient
When a decision making tool isn't helpful, how is the RT to make a decision?
base it on their intuition abilities
What simple question does ethics try to answer?
How should we act?
What does the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) do for each individual health care worker?
It provides protections to hospital workers whether they are organized into a union or not
What ethical issue has recently become a significant concern for RTs and all healthcare providers due to a congressional act?
patient's right to privacy
What are the most effective tools in preventing malpractice litigations?
1. Active risk management practices
2. Appropriate guest relation policies