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master of opera seria, married to Bordoni?


whose Mannheim Orchestra/rocket?

Lorenzo Da Ponte

librettist for Mozart?

Wanderer above the Sea of Fog

painting that epitomizes Romanticism?

Bonn, Germany

where Beethoven was born?

Salzburg, Austria

where Mozart was born?

German Lieder

quintessential Romantic genre?


influenced by Rossini?

I -- VI/flatVI

Romantic modulation par excellence?


Schumann's year of song?


founded the New Zeitschrift fur Musik?


prolific librettist; formulaic?

Liszt and Berlioz

figure heads of New German School?


writer of Treatise on Instrumentation and Orchestration (1843)?


literary, conductor, programmatic?


entrance aria?


total artwork?

tradition: Brahms, Schumann, Joachim
innovation: Wagner, Liszt, Strauss

tradition vs. innovation composers?

symphonic/tone poem

single mvt piece outfitted w titles/short prefaces to specify poetic content?


creating a melody from a bunch of instruments filling in the notes

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