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Chapter 6


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the concept of risk includes judgements about the
all ov the above
what is not a specified as a specified as a predictive scheme of risk assessment
statistick prediction
predictions about future dangerousness for death penalty trial purposes are
predictions based of statistical scheme or formula
actuarial predictions
predictions based on the experience and judgements of proffesinoals in the field
clinical prediction
predictions based on a specific analysis of how a particular how a particular person behaved in the past in similar situations
anamnestic predictions
research has shown that __________ predictions have equaled or surpassed ________ predictions in accuracy
actuarial; clinical
what is not a problem when looking at risk of recidivism
the mistrust law enforcement has of psychologist
in baxtrum v herald the supreme court held that
holding offenders in a mental institute after their sentences are complete is a violation of the equal protection laws
in his review of research findings from the 1960s and 70s, moans concluded that ________ predictions by psychologist and psychiatrist were accurate
thomas barefoot was convicted of
murdering a police officer
dr grison participation in thomas barefoot trial was controversial because
grissom had not interviewed thomas barefoot
the amicus briefs submitted in barefoot v. estele supported the claim that psychiatrists
cannot reliability predict dangerousness
in jerk v texas the court ruled that
dangerousness is not an acceptablen criterion for imposing the death penalty
having a mental disorder
slightly increases your risk for violence
dangerousness had been conceptualized as a ______ variable, while risk assessment is a ______ variable
dichotomous; continous
an increase in _______ methods improve accuracy of risk assessment
what is not a variable in harris rice and quincys coding for risk assessment
presence of psychiatric episodes
predictors that focus in the nature of the environment in which an individual lives are
risk management predictors
predictors that focus on things that change over time
a history of prior violence is an example of
a psychotic symptom is a
easy access to victims is a
risk management
psychopath___________ to repeat criminal violence
has a strong positive relationship
psychopaths are people who repeatedly commit criminal acts and
feel no remorse
for convicted rapists the average rate of reconnection is
for child molestors the rate of reconnections is
the reconnection for homosexual child molestors is roughly_________the rate for heterosexuals
the RRASOR has been criticized for focusing on ______ variables
the SORAG includes both
static and dynamic
what is not a criticism of the SORAG
it was developed by sociologist and not psychologist
what is not part of static99
obsessive behaviors
what is not a risk factor for domestic violence
large age difference between partners
which is not related to wife assault
none of them
whites not an item in the SARA
adherence to traditional sex-roles
in 2004_________ reports of child maltreatment were filled in the united states
3 million
attempting to prevent child abuse before it occurs is called
secondary prevention
what is not one of belkys ecological risk factors for child abuse
phylogenic abuse
the rate which an event occurs in the population is the
base rate
a better predictor of suicidal behavior than depression is