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5th Grade ADVENT 9-14

A short story with a religious lesson
One who is sent. Jesus sent them to preach the Gospel to the whole world. He had a core group of 12.
When was the Church born? (What event kicked off the beginning of preaching about Jesus and baptism of Christians)
How is Jesus' death on the cross a sacrifice?
Jesus gave his life to the father to save us from sin.
A meeting of all the Bishops and the Pope from 1962 to 1965. It produced several official Documents.
Vatican Council II
Our Current Bishop?
Bishop Sullivan
He was Pope from 1978 to 2005. He was from Poland and his name was Karol Wojtyla
Pope John Paul II
The meeting of the Cardinals to elect a new Pope.
One who speaks for God.
A roman officer in charge of a 100 soldiers.
We are called to be prophets for Jesus. What do we have to do before we can speak for Jesus?
Learn all about Jesus
One who in charge of a city or country. They are in charge for life.
Was born in Rome in 291. She was very pretty and wanted to give her life to God. She would not marry anyone. She was reported to the Roman leaders who tortured her. They killed her because she Loved Jesus. She was 12 or 13 when she died.
St. Agnus
Feed the hungry
Corporal work of Mercy
An act that shows God's power. Something that can only be done with God's help. (curing the blind, raising the dead etc ..)
Who currently have the jobs that the Apostles had?
The USA is divide into States. States are divide in counties. The Catholic Church is divided into?
Shelter the homeless
Corporal work of Mercy
They vote for the next pope. They are high ranking church officials appointed by the Pope. They wear red.
What percentage of votes does a new Pope need?
66 or 2/3rd
Our Last Pope from 2005 to 2013. He was from Germany. His name was Joseph Ratzinger.
Pope Benedict XVI
Clothe the naked
Corporal work of Mercy
Jesus is a Priest, what sacrifice does he offer to God
He gave himself on the cross
How is Jesus a Prophet of God?
He says everything God the Father told him to.
Visit the imprisoned
Corporal work of Mercy
Instruct the ignorant
Spiritual Work of Mercy
Name the saint. Born in 1347 of a wealthy family. She often had visions of Jesus. Her parents wanted to Marry but Jesus wanted her to be a nun. She cut off her hair so that men would not want to marry her. She convinced the Pope to move back to Rome.
St. Catherine of Siena
In Advent we prepare for
the coming of Jesus
Admonish the sinner
Spiritual Work of Mercy
Give drink to the Thirsty
Corporal work of Mercy
Counsel the doubtful
Spiritual Work of Mercy
Visit the Sick
Corporal work of Mercy
comfort the sorrowful
Spiritual Work of Mercy
bear wrongs patiently
Spiritual Work of Mercy
Bury the Dead
Corporal work of Mercy
Give 3 Miracles that Jesus did.
1) Made the blind see 2) cured the Leper 3) walked on water 4) raised the dead 5) made the deaf hear 6) Multiplied the loaves and fishes 7) turns water into wine 8) Calms the storm and sea
What are the 3 levels of Holy Orders. (3 levels of Priesthood)
1) Bishop, 2) Priest 3) Deacon
A follower of Jesus, One who learns from Jesus. He had a core group of 72.
The Apostle Paul was a big sinner before he believed in Jesus. What big sin did he do?
He killed St. Steven
What is the name of our Diocese?
Diocese of Camden
What color Smoke lets everyone know that their is a new Pope?
White smoke
forgive all injuries
Spiritual Work of Mercy
pray for the living and the dead
Spiritual Work of Mercy
What Apostle did Jesus leave in charge when he went to Heaven? He was the first Pope
Our Current Pope. He is from Argentina and was a Jesuit.
Pope Francis
The city in which the Pope lives. Its inside of Rome
Vatican City
One who offers sacrifice to God to help someone else.
How do we become members of Jesus' Kingdom?
By being baptized