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  1. George Bissell
  2. Knights of Labor
  3. The Gospel of Wealth
  4. Alexander Graham Bell
  5. Socialist Labor Party
  1. a developed the first telephone with commercial capacity.
  2. b 1901, written by Andrew Carnegie. In it he said how the wealthy should consider all revenues in excess of their own needs "trust funds" to be used for the good of the community.
  3. c Pennsylvania business man who showed the petroleum could be burned in lamps and also yeild such products as parafin, naphtha, and lubricating oil. He began raising money for drilling.
  4. d Formed in 1869 under the leadership of Uriah Stephens. A national labor organization open to all who were "tolied." Meaning all workers, business men, proffessional people, and virtually all women. This group wanted 8-hr days and no child labor.
  5. e founded in the 1870s and led for many years by Daniel De Leon, an immigrant from the west indies. He attracted a modest following in the industrial cities, but his party never became a major one. In 1901 they eventually broke away and formed the American Socialist Party.

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  1. The most celebrated corperate empire of the late nineteenth century was his Standard Oil. He launched a refining company in Cleveland and immediatly began trying to eliminate his competition. He bought out competing refineries. In 1870 he founded the Standard oil Company of Ohio.
  2. Proposed by Henry George, for land it would replace all other texes, which would return the increment to the people. He thought this would distribute wealth more equally and eliminate poverty.
  3. The application of Charles Darwin's law of evolution and natural selection among species to human society. In a human society only the fittest individuals survived nd flourished in the marketplace.
  4. Led by Eugene Debs, he refused to handle Pullman cars and equiptment. Within a few days thousands of railroad workers and territories were on strike. Transportation from chicago to the Pacific Coast was paralyzed.
  5. They built the first gasoline-driven motor vehicle in America in 1903.

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  1. James RittyAlso known as "Scientific Managment", named after its leading theoretician, Frederick Winslow Taylor. He argued that scientific managment was also a way to increase the employers control of the workplace. He urged employers to subdived tasks, to speed up production, and decrease being dependent on a specific worker.


  2. Pool ArrangementsInformal agreements among various companies to stabalize rates and divide markets.


  3. General ElectricCalifornia writer and activist who published Progress and Poverty in 1879. It became one of the best-selling non-fiction works in American publishing history. He blamed social problems on the ability of a few wealthy monopolists growing wealthy by raising land values.


  4. Isaac SingerPatented a sewing machine in 1851 and created I. M. Singer and Company. One of the first modern manufacturing corperations.


  5. Christopher SholesInvented the typewriter in 1868.