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  1. Christopher Sholes
  2. John Peter Altgeld
  3. George Bissell
  4. Charles and Frank Duryea
  5. Labor Contract Law
  1. a Industrial employers recruited many immigrants under this contract until its repeal in 1885. It permitted them to pay for the passage of workers in advance and deduct the amount later from their wages.
  2. b Invented the typewriter in 1868.
  3. c They built the first gasoline-driven motor vehicle in America in 1903.
  4. d Pennsylvania business man who showed the petroleum could be burned in lamps and also yeild such products as parafin, naphtha, and lubricating oil. He began raising money for drilling.
  5. e Governor of Illinois who demonstrated sympathies for workers and their grievances. He refused to call out the militia to protect employers.

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  1. California writer and activist who published Progress and Poverty in 1879. It became one of the best-selling non-fiction works in American publishing history. He blamed social problems on the ability of a few wealthy monopolists growing wealthy by raising land values.
  2. Invented the calculating and adding machine in 1891.
  3. Invented the cash register in 1878.
  4. Formed in 1869 under the leadership of Uriah Stephens. A national labor organization open to all who were "tolied." Meaning all workers, business men, proffessional people, and virtually all women. This group wanted 8-hr days and no child labor.
  5. Patented a sewing machine in 1851 and created I. M. Singer and Company. One of the first modern manufacturing corperations.

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  1. Holding CompanyA central corperate body that would buy up the stock of various members of the Standard Oil trust and establish direct, formal ownership of the corperations in the trust.


  2. Social Darwinismthe name commonly applied to members of a secret militant labor organization that sometimes used violence. It originated in Ireland.


  3. Horizontal integrationThe taking over of all the different businesses on which a company relied for its primary function.


  4. Andrew CarnegieA Scottish immigrant who had worked his way up from modest beginings and in 1873 opened his own steelworks in Pittsburgh. Soon he dominated the industry.


  5. PinkertonsWell-known strikebreakers.


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