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term describing anything made of clay. it can be pottery or sculpture.


loosely applied term for functional objects made of clay.


a fine particle of decomposed granite that is plastic and can be formed.


tiny pores in the clay to allow the escape of water during drying and firing.


a property of clay that allows it to receive and retain form.


low-fire clay, usually red or brown, not- vitreous and porous. it is usually fired to 1800 degrees.


high fire ceramics, usually tan or gray, non- porous. it is usually fired to about 2400 degrees.


clay that is moist and workable it can still be shaped and added onto.


any clay object that has not been fired.


the stage where the clay body melts, becomes glass- like and waterproof.


clay that has been fired with a glass- like material, which makes it waterproof.


the process of making the clay narrower on the wheel as in a bottle form.


used for creating handles. use of water and movement as the clay is squeezed through the hands

loop tool

a versitile tool used for trimming, carving and removing clay material from a ceramic piece.


an insturment used to measure the inside and outside diameter of an object.


a tool for shaving and smoothing leather- hard clay.


cutting the background or negative space and leaving the positve space intact.


using clay coils, slabs, balls, bottons, or slip to enhance a pot.


small clay forms that are compounded to bend and melt at specific temperatures. used to measure the temperature while firing.


a ceramic tripod where glaze ware is set in the kiln to prevent form sticking.

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