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Unit 1 Vocab


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Detriment (noun)
a cause of harm or damage.
Dexterous (adjective)
demonstrating neat skill, especially with the hands
Discretion (noun)
behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offense or revealing private information.
Facetious (adjective)
treating serious issues with inappropriate humor
Gregarious (adjective)
a sociable person
Optimum (adjective)
having the best outcome
Ostentatious (adjective)
designed to attract attention or to impress
Scrupulous (adjective)
very concerned to avoid doing wrong
Sensory (adjective)
relating to sensation or the physical senses
Vicarious (adjective)
experienced in the imagination through the feelings or actions of another person
collaborate (verb)
working together on any activity
despondent (adjective)
in low spirits from loss of hope or courage
instigate (verb)
incite someone to do something bad
resilient (adjective
able to recover quickly from difficult situations
retrospect (noun)
a review of past events; to look back on something
rudimentary (adjective)
limited to basic principles or skills
talking to someone in a mocking manner
squelch (verb)
to hold back
venerate (verb)
to regard something or someone with great respect
zealot (noun
a fanatic or a person very excited about a topic
ambiguous (adjective
language that has a double meaning
dissident (noun
a person who opposes official policy
embellish (verb
make something more attractive by adding decorative feature
inadvertent (adjective
not resulting from intentional planning
inane (adjective
silly or stupid
juxtapose (verb
placing together for contrasting effect
lethargy (noun
lack of energy and enthusiasm
sporadic (adjective)
scattered or isolated
fritter (verb
to waste time, money, or energy
subsidize (verb)
to support an organization financially
relinquish (verb)
to surrender (something); give (something) up
impetuous (adjective
done or acting in a hurry, with little though
maudlin (adjective)
berate (verb
to scold harshly
ubiquitous (adjective
existing or seeming to exist everywhere at the same
zenith (noun
the highest point or the peak
estrange (verb
to make unfriendly and to alienate
infallible (adjective)
not capable of error or failure
euphoric (adjective
regress (verb)
to return to an earlier, generally worse, condition
Dormant (adjective
Inactive; alive but not actively growing
Disseminate (verb)