Psychology 280 Exam 4 Chapter 13 Definitions

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Normative ConformityThe tendency to go along with the group in order to fulfill the group's expectations and gain acceptanceOut-Group HomogeneityThe perception that individuals in the out-group are more similar to each other (homogenous) than they really are, as well as more similar than members of the in-group areUltimate Attribution ErrorThe tendency to make dispositional attributions about an entire group of peopleBlaming the VictimThe tendency to blame individuals (make dispositional attributions) for their victimization, typically motivated by a desire to see the world as a fair placeRealistic Conflict TheoryThe idea that limited resources lead to conflict between groups and result in increased prejudice and discriminationScapegoatingThe tendency for individuals, when frustrated or unhappy, to displace aggression onto groups that are disliked, visible, and relatively powerlessMutual InterdependenceThe situation that exists when two or more groups need to depend on one another to accomplish a goal that is important to each of themJigsaw ClassroomA classroom setting designed to reduce prejudice and raise the self-esteem of children by placing them in small, desegregated groups and making each child dependent on the other children in the group to learn the course material and do well in the class