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  1. What did the Confederacy do to solve the problem of the draft?
  2. Abraham Lincoln
  3. Free soilers
  4. The Whigs
  5. What did the war definitely decide in the end?
  1. a adopted the Conscription Bills
  2. b - split on sectional lines and very dividd about the Compromise
    - They cannot come up with a party platform in 1852 b/c their beliefs weren't unified
    - tried to receive interest in the nationalist economic policies
    - upset about the influx of Catholics
  3. c It decided that the federal government was supreme over the states and authority to act on all matters affecting the general welfare.
  4. d - from Illinois, self-made man who rose from frontier poverty to legal and political prominence
    - embodied the Republican idea of equal opportunity
  5. e people who didn't want slavery to expand to new territories but were not an abolitionist party

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  1. They hate it and can't bear up with the constant opposition.
  2. - ratified in 1868, it provided citizenship to ex-slaves after the Civil War and constitutionally protected equal rights under the law for all citizens.
    - Radical Republicans used it to enact a congressional Reconstruction policy in the former Confederate states
  3. - South Carolina will vote unanimously to secede
    - six more southern states will secede
    - In Feb. 1861, delegates from the Deep South established the Confederate States of America declaring themselves a separate nation
  4. It's fought to preserve the Union not abolish slavery.
  5. Lincoln exercised a pocket veto by refusing to sign the bill before Congress adjourned claiming that he didn't want to be committed to any single Reconstruction plan.

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  1. What is the result of the Election of 1860?The lower South launched a movement for immediate secession from the Union
    - The South believes that they are a political minority and can't protect itself anymore


  2. How are the southern states readmitted into the Union?- there are a number of race riots in the South
    - they continue to deny blacks the right to vote
    - they elected former Confederate leaders back into office
    - southern states pass the Black Codes


  3. What are the results of the Civil War?- it won complete control of Massachusetts,
    - took power in three more New England states
    - showed signs of becoming the next major political party


  4. Why did most free blacks oppose the American Colonization Society?The devastation of the southern economy forced many women to play a more public and economic role, forming reform groups and organizations.


  5. How did the decision of the Court in the Dred Scott case help the Republicans?it helped the Republicans build support on claiming that slave power was dominating all branches of the federal government and attempting to use the Constitution to achieve it's own goals