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  1. What did the Confederacy do to solve the problem of the draft?
  2. Even though the Black Codes were declared unconstitutional, blacks were more likely to....?
  3. When is slavery abolished in the North?
  4. Fort Sumter
  5. Fugitive Slave Law
  1. a - be charged with crimes than whites
    - more likely to be convicted and receive a longer jail sentence than whites
  2. b - led by Pierre G. T. Beauregard
    - after 34 hours the Union forces rendered
    - The Confederates/The South wins
  3. c By 1831
  4. d adopted the Conscription Bills
  5. e - Suspected fugitives were denied a jury trial, the right to testify on their own behalf, and other basic constitutional rights
    - There were no effective safeguards against falsely identifying fugitives or kidnapping free black slaves
    - If a judge decides the accused is a runaway slave, the judge receives 10 dollars; if the judge decides the accused is not a runaway slave, the judge receives 5 dollars

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  1. - Zachary Taylor wins the Election.
    - Taylor proposes to admit California and New Mexico as free states
    - California applied for admission to the Union as a free state
    - The South hates Taylor's initial proposal because they are afraid New Mexico will be a free state as well
    - The South is afraid to become a political minority
    - Southerners accused Taylor of trying to impose the Wilmot Proviso
  2. -the North's economy was strong at the core
    - it's factories and farms could produce enough provisions without hurting the civilian population
  3. term the Southerners used to describe the Northerners that moved to the South during Reconstruction
  4. Lincoln exercised a pocket veto by refusing to sign the bill before Congress adjourned claiming that he didn't want to be committed to any single Reconstruction plan.
  5. - passed by Congress in July 1864, requiring that 50 percent of the voters take an oath of future loyalty before the restoration process could begin
    - once that occurred, those who could swear they never willingly supported the Confederacy could vote in an election for delegates to a constitutional convention

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  1. During the first year of war, the South had...more than enough volunteers and had to reject 200,000


  2. Why did most free blacks oppose the American Colonization Society?The devastation of the southern economy forced many women to play a more public and economic role, forming reform groups and organizations.


  3. The Election of 1860- Republican delegates called for a high protective tariff, free homesteads, and federal aid for internal improvements, esp. the transcontinental railroad
    - The South hates it all because it encourages people to move and possibly the states would be free
    - The split of the Democratic party helps Lincoln
    - Lincoln wins 39% of the vote and has the majority of the Electoral vote


  4. What happens during the Election of 1856?- it unites the Northern opposition to the South
    - also forces everyone to take sides
    - The middle states will now secede and join the Confederacy.


  5. Why were volunteers reluctant to reenlist after their first year of war?- the Southern economy was less adaptable than the North
    - the Confederacy had to rely on a govt. cash program to produce war materials


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