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  1. Conscription Bills
  2. Why does Clay break the Compromise into parts?
  3. Fourteenth Amendment
  4. What did the Confederacy do to solve the problem of the draft?
  5. During the first year of war, the South had...
  1. a adopted the Conscription Bills
  2. b Because he can't pass it as a whole and will try to pass each part separately
  3. c - passed by the Confederate Congress that declares the all able bodied white males 18-35 were subject to military service
    - later changed the age from 17-50
    - will allow exemptions: civil service; people who work for the government
    - could avoid the draft for a price (300-500) or hire a substitute
    - men were granted an exemption for every 20 slaves they owned
    - teachers also had an exemption
  4. d more than enough volunteers and had to reject 200,000
  5. e - ratified in 1868, it provided citizenship to ex-slaves after the Civil War and constitutionally protected equal rights under the law for all citizens.
    - Radical Republicans used it to enact a congressional Reconstruction policy in the former Confederate states

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  1. to invade and conquer the South into submission by blocking the Southern coasts, seizing control of the Mississippi, and cutting off supplies of food and other essential commodities
  2. -due to the Union blockade
    - the railroad wasn't transporting goods, it was transporting troops
    - when the North penetrated the South, it left gaps in the system
  3. 1. More restrict the movement of blacks
    2. Southerners blame that Northern abolitionists were the cause; mail is now censored; abolitionist literature is not mailed in the South
    3. More laws restricted slaves to read or write
    4. Curfews are set up to prohibit blacks from congregating in groups larger than two
    5. More difficult to free your slaves; had to take slaves out of state in order to be free
  4. The South hates it and doesn't want to free their slaves.
  5. - a minority of congressional Republicans who are strongly antislavery favored protection of black rights, especially black male suffrage, as a precondition for the readmission of southern states

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  1. Thirteenth Amendment-once ten percent or more of the voting population of any occupied state had take an oath of allegiance to the Union and acknowledge the legality of emancipation, they were authorized to set up a loyal government


  2. Emancipation Proclamation- issued in Sept. 1862, and then Jan. 1 1863 declares that all slaves in Confederate states in rebellion will be free and will also allow blacks to join the military - 180,000 serve


  3. How did the decision of the Court in the Dred Scott case help the Republicans?it helped the Republicans build support on claiming that slave power was dominating all branches of the federal government and attempting to use the Constitution to achieve it's own goals


  4. Why is the Civil War fought?-ratified in 1865, prohibiting slavery and involuntary servitude


  5. Black Codes1. Free black man in Charleston, South Carolina who planned a conspiracy to seize local armories, arm the slave population, and take possession of the city
    2. Known as the Vessey Conspiracy