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  1. Out of those that were drafted, how many paid people to keep their place?
  2. What occurs in end of the Election of 1856?
  3. Why don't Free Soilers want slavery?
  4. What are the problems that Lincoln faces?
  5. How does Nat Turner's rebellion change slavery?
  1. a 1. They believe that if slavery is allowed it will be difficult to remove later on
    2. They are afraid big plantation owners will dominate life like they do in the South
    3. People don't want to compete with slave labor
    4. A lot of free soilers were racist and didn't want blacks in the new territories at all
  2. b - still a lot people that oppose the war
    - still a bunch of Northern Democrats that believe in state's rights
    - pacifists and abolitionists are glad that the South is gone and don't want to fight
    - Lincoln has to deal with the Liberals and Conservatives
    - Lincoln has to be careful that slave states are antagonized
    - Lincoln has an unpopular war and is an unpopular President
  3. c one fourth of the people
  4. d - James Buchanan wins the Election
    - the new Republican party does extremely well and terrifies the South
    - The South wants a federal law that will protect slavery in the territories
  5. e 1. More restrict the movement of blacks
    2. Southerners blame that Northern abolitionists were the cause; mail is now censored; abolitionist literature is not mailed in the South
    3. More laws restricted slaves to read or write
    4. Curfews are set up to prohibit blacks from congregating in groups larger than two
    5. More difficult to free your slaves; had to take slaves out of state in order to be free

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  1. By 1831
  2. Stephen A. Douglas
  3. - Northern states had a quota that they each had to meet
    - if the quota was not met, there was a draft in the state
    - states will begin to pay bounties to pay people to volunteer (up to $1000)
    - this encourages people to desert and go elsewhere
    - people could purchase a year long exemption for $300 or hire a substitute
  4. 1. Free black man in Charleston, South Carolina who planned a conspiracy to seize local armories, arm the slave population, and take possession of the city
    2. Known as the Vessey Conspiracy
  5. a "necessary evil"

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  1. How did the decision of the Court in the Dred Scott case help the Republicans?Lincoln uses a reconstruction process


  2. What did the Confederacy do to solve the problem of the draft?- the Southern economy was less adaptable than the North
    - the Confederacy had to rely on a govt. cash program to produce war materials


  3. Bleeding Kansas- result of the Kansas-Nebraska Act
    - the border war that erupted between proslavery and antislavery forces in "bleeding" Kansas


  4. How are the southern states readmitted into the Union?Lincoln uses a reconstruction process


  5. Why do people want to pardon?(wealthy) people who could actually receive pardons wanted them because they couldn't vote or hold office without it