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  1. What did Radicals want to do for Reconstruction?
  2. Before 1831, how was slavery viewed?
  3. How does the North feel about the secession?
  4. William Lloyd Garrison
  5. How did Northerners view the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
  1. a The North doesn't want to let the South go and doesn't allow it
  2. b - They wanted to confescate southern plantations, divide up the land, and give it to freed slaves
    - wanted a long period of rule to force the South to change
  3. c 1. Publishes abolitionist newspaper - The Liberator
    2. Calls for immediate emancipation of all slaves without compensation to the owner
    3. Involved in different reform movements
  4. d a "necessary evil"
  5. e They viewed it as an abomination because it permitted the possibility of slavery in an area where it had previously been prohibited
    - a violation of the Missouri Compromise

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  1. 1. will refuse to let Southern Democrats sit in Congress
    2. want to make sure the Southern planter class is
    3. Congress demands that Southern blacks have the right to vote
    4. more harsh than what Lincoln/Johnson would want
  2. By 1831
  3. it helped the Republicans build support on claiming that slave power was dominating all branches of the federal government and attempting to use the Constitution to achieve it's own goals
  4. - most of northern nativists became Republicans
    - led by professional politicians who used to be Whigs or Democrats
    - argued that the "slave power conspiracy" was a greater threat to American liberty and equality
    - supported an anti-immigrant or anti-Catholic bias
  5. - accused Lincoln of endangering the Union by his talk of putting slavery on the path to extinction
    - charged that Lincoln's moral opposition to slavery implied a belief in racial equality

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  1. Fifteenth Amendment1. The number of slaves more than tripled between 1810 to 1860 to more nearly four million
    2. Cotton-growing areas of the South were becoming more and more dependent on slavery
    3. Short-staple cotton was the South's major crop
    4. The invention of the cotton gin in 1793 contributed to the rise of cotton cultivation
    5. 3/4 of the world's supply came from the American South


  2. What were the views on blacks and slavery?- Slavery only exists in the South but the North was just was racist
    - Very few Northerners were willing to give blacks social and economic equality
    - Working class whites resented the competition of free blacks
    - Some states prohibit blacks from moving to their states
    - Northerners were against expansion of slavery to new territories


  3. Why were the Confederate soldiers becoming undernourished?1. The U.S. Army before the wary was largely made up of Southerners; tended to be better marksman, horseman and like military life
    2. The Confederate Army has better Generals
    3. The South has the home-field advantage; most of the battles were fought in the South
    4. Receive public support
    5. Their strategic task to win to defend their territory and not quit until the North becomes tired


  4. What is the result of the Election of 1860?- James Buchanan wins the Election
    - the new Republican party does extremely well and terrifies the South
    - The South wants a federal law that will protect slavery in the territories


  5. Ten Percent Plan- South Carolina will vote unanimously to secede
    - six more southern states will secede
    - In Feb. 1861, delegates from the Deep South established the Confederate States of America declaring themselves a separate nation