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  1. States Rights
  2. Who proposed the Kansas-Nebraska Act?
  3. Congressional Reconstruction
  4. What is the rise of the Know-Nothings?
  5. Denmark Vesey
  1. a - it won complete control of Massachusetts,
    - took power in three more New England states
    - showed signs of becoming the next major political party
  2. b Stephen A. Douglas
  3. c 1. Free black man in Charleston, South Carolina who planned a conspiracy to seize local armories, arm the slave population, and take possession of the city
    2. Known as the Vessey Conspiracy
  4. d 1. John Calhoun argued that the National government can't pass a law that denies a citizen with their property
    2. Only a state can abolish slavery within it's borders; the federal government can't
    3. Until a territory becomes a state, it has to be open to slavery
    4. Claims that all laws that prohibit slavery are unconstitutional
  5. e 1. will refuse to let Southern Democrats sit in Congress
    2. want to make sure the Southern planter class is
    3. Congress demands that Southern blacks have the right to vote
    4. more harsh than what Lincoln/Johnson would want

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  1. - Hayes would be President and southern blacks would be abandoned by their fate
    - removal of all federal troops from the former Confederate states
    the appointment of at least one Southern Democrat to Hayes's cabinet
    - construction of another transcontinental railroad
    - legislation to help industrialize the South and get them back on their feet
  2. The North doesn't want to let the South go and doesn't allow it
  3. people who didn't want slavery to expand to new territories but were not an abolitionist party
  4. -intended to restrict the power of the President to remove certain office-holders without the approval of the Senate.
    - enacted on March 3, 1867, over the veto of President Andrew Johnson
    - deny the president the power to remove any executive officer who had been appointed by the president, without the advice and consent of the Senate, unless the Senate approved the removal during the next full session of Congress.
  5. - members of a secret, fraternal organization called the Order of the Star-Spangled Banner, founded in NY
    - when members were asked about the organization they responded with "I know nothing."
    - The Order grew in size by 1854, reaching a membership of between 800,000 - 1,500,000
    - political objective was to extend the period of naturalization (5 to 21 years) in order to undercut immigrant voting and to keep aliens in their place

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  1. Laws passed in the South for Free BlacksIt's fought to preserve the Union not abolish slavery.


  2. Why do people want to pardon?1. The South as a whole was unrepentant and hasn't changed; determined to make reconstruction fail
    2. Both the North and South are tired of military rule
    3. The Conservatives openly appeal to white supremacy
    4. People of the North and South believe the propoganda about the bad the governments were and any change wouldn't be good
    5. The Compromise of 1877 pulls soldiers out of the South


  3. How does the South feel about the reconstruction governments?They hate it and can't bear up with the constant opposition.


  4. How are Northern blacks treated?- They are segregated in schools
    - Constantly ridiculed day to day
    - Denied memberships in Unions and artisan associations
    - They can't get licenses they need to operate independent businesses


  5. Why did most free blacks oppose the American Colonization Society?1. They argued that society still accepts slavery and that slavery should be worked to be abolished
    2. They argued that it violates basic American principles
    3. The United States is home and has been for generations and Africa wasn't home
    4. African Americans resented the idea that they were a nuisance to get rid of


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