35 terms

NWEA 241-250 Math Flash Cards

adjacent angle
Side by side angles that share a common vertex and a ray.
algebra tile
Algebra tiles are manipulatives with which you can represent polynomials and perform polynomial operations. Each tile represents a specific polynomial
alternate exterior angle
Criss-cross angles on the outside of parallel lines cut by a transveral.
alternate interior angles
Angles between 2 lines and on opposite sides of a transversal
angle bisector
a ray that divides an angle into two congruent angles
average salary
salary that is given to most job information sources
An amount paid to an employee based on a percentage of the employee's sales
complementary angle
two angles that add up to 90 degrees
congruent triangle
two triangles that are identical in size and shape
a measure of the extent to which two factors vary together, and thus of how well either factor predicts the other
broadest category used to classify life forms
equation of a line
equilangular triangle
a triangle with three congruent angles
equilateral triangle
a triangle with three congruent sides
function table
a table organizing the input, rule, and output of a function
The longest side of a right triangle
least common multiple
The smallest multiple (other than zero) that two or more numbers have in common.
linear foot
One foot or 12 inches in length.
linear graph
a line graph in which the data points yield a straight line
linear pair
Two adjacent angles that form a straight line
number sequence
an arrangement of numbers,each successive number follows the last according to a rule
point of intersection
a point where lines intersect
prime factor
a factor that is a prime number. (1, 2, and 5 are prime factors of 20.)
pythagorean theorum
rectangular area
regression equation
the equation representing the relation between selected values of one variable (x) and observed values of the other (y)
a plane figure with the shape of half a circle
a list of Sequential numbers, dates, times, or text.
sum of angles that equals 180 degrees
surface area
The total area of the 2-dimensional surfaces that make up a 3-dimensional object.
having similarity in size, shape, and relative position of corresponding parts
the horizontal line on a graph
the vertical line on a graph