15 terms

Unit 4 APHuG Vocab

15 Hardest Words
District in Spanish-speaking country
The dramatic increase in hispanic population in a given neighborhood
Dowry death
Women in India driven to death by harrasment of families making them marry
Conference of Berlin
meeting of 14 mostrly european countries on how to divided up Africa amongst themselves disregarding African input or ethnic groups
Domino Theory
the political theory that if one nation comes under Communist control then neighboring nations will also come under Communist control
Forward Capital
capital city positioned in actually or potentially contested territory usually near an international border, it confirms the states determination to maintain its presence in the region in contention.
Mackinder, Halford J.
One of the founding fathers of Geopolitics
primate city
The largest settlement in a country, if it has more than twice as many people as the second-ranking settlement.
an Arctic territory in northern Canada created in 1999 and governed solely by the Inuit
raison D'etre
reason or justification for existing
Friedrich Ratzel
German who originated geopolitical theory. Pioneered environmental determinism. Stated that there are 7 laws of state growth.
"third wave" of democratization
Book by Samuel P. Huntington about significance of democratization
Three pillars
form structure of European union
Nicholas Spykman
first to propose rimland theory
Territorial morphology
A state's geographical shape, which can affect its spatial cohension and political viability.