biology lipids/carbohydrates/proteins

list several functions of carbohydrates in animal and plant cells
Carbohydrates supply immediate energy for animal and plant cells plus can serve as a short-term storage of energy. They also play a structural role in both types of cells.
What monomer makes up carbohydrates?
How do saturated fatty acids differ from unsaturated fatty acids?
Saturated fatty acids lack double bonds between carbon atoms, while unsaturated fatty acids have one or more double bonds.
How does the structure of fats differ from that of phospholipids? Answer
Fats are composed of triglycerides, which contain a glycerol backbone and three fatty acids. Phospholipids have glycerol and two fatty acids, along with a phosphate group.
vWhat are some of the many functions of proteins in cells?
Proteins can function as structural proteins, they can act as messengers (hormones), they are responsible for cell movement, they can function as antibodies, and they serve as enzymes.
Why does denaturation of a protein cause it to stop functioning?
Denaturation disrupts bonding within the protein molecule. A protein cannot function normally once it loses its characteristic shape.
What are nucleic acids polymers of?
Are the building blocks of nucleic acids the same for RNA and DNA?
Both RNA and DNA contain nucleotides, but DNA contains deoxyribose instead of ribose found in RNA, and the RNA base uracil replaces thymine found in DNA.
what is the biological role of lipids?
insulation, it is a ready concentrated source of energy
What is the biologically important role of carbohydrates?
store energy, are a major component of plant cells, provide a ready source of energy
what is the biologically important role of proteins?
they are required for growth/repair of the cells, converted into fates, a ready source of energy
what is the biologically important role of nucleic acids?
they encode the genetic info for construction/functioning of an organism
bonds between amino acids are called:
peptide bonds
what is the final 3-dimensional shape of a protein called?
tertiary structure
pentoses are____
5 carbon sugars
hexoses are_____
6 carbon sugars
the monomers of lipids are...
fatty acids
what are the 2 types of lipids found in cell membranes?
phospholipids and cholesterol
what are the 3 elements found in carbs?
hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen
what is the monomer of lipids?
fatty acids
what is the monomer of proteins?
amino acids
What is the element found in proteins, but not carbs?
What 3 groups make up an amino acid?
the acid group, the amino group, and the R group