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Traffic Collision Investigation

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Crash Report Criteria
1) Motor Vehicle (in transport)
2) Trafficway
3) Injury or Damage
4) Unintended Event
_____________ is an occurrence of injury or damage.
Harmful Event
Means every vehicle, which is self-propelled, and every vehicle which is propelled by electric power, obtained from overhead trolley wires, but not operated on rails.
Motor Vehicle
_________________ is a set of events not under human control. It originates when control is lost and terminates when control is regained or, in the absence of persons who are able to regain control, when all persons and property are at rest.
Unstabilized Situation
A person who is not an occupant of a motor vehicle in transport is a _________
An occupant who is in actual control of a motor vehicle or, for an out of control motor vehicle, an occupant who was in control until control was lost.
Any land way open to the public as a matter or right or custom for moving persons or property from one place to another.
That portion of a trafficway designed, improved, and ordinarily used for motor vehicle travel or, where various classes of motor vehicles are segregated, that part of a trafficway used by a particular class.
______________ is a cloudburst, cyclone, earthquake, flood, hurricane, lightning, tidal wave, torrential rain, tornado, or volcanic eruption.
A crash involving a motor vehicle in transport, but not involving aircraft or watercraft.
Motor Vehicle Crash
Property Damage:
Property is any physical object other than a person.
* Real Property
* Personal Property
* Animals (wild & domestic)
* Guardrails, impact attenuators
* Trees, fences, shrubs
What factors should be taken into consideration for making decisions in directing traffic:
o Assess amount of traffic
o Length of time traffic may be stopped
o Assess the need for additional manpower
o Availability of an alternate route. Restore the traffic flow.
When using flares, traffic cones, barricades what factors are to be considered:
o Speed and stopping distance of vehicles
o The drivers reaction time
o Hills, curves, overpasses
o Weather conditions
o Hazardous situation
o Traffic volume
You and your partner are directing traffic at a busy intersection, it is important to coordinate traffic control with whom to ensure safe traffic flow?
Your partner
What equipment is needed for directing nighttime traffic?
o Flashlight
o Flares
o Reflective vest
o Traffic cones
o Patrol vehicle emergency lights
o Whistle
According to Traffic Crash Investigation, when controlling pedestrian traffic, the officer should:
o Hold pedestrians back behind curb until traffic has stopped.
o Start and stop pedestrian flow same as traffic.
o Indicate where pedestrians should walk.
o Prevent jay-walking and other illegal crossing.
When a peace officer must direct vehicular traffic what position should be assumed?
o The safest position possible
o Visible
Proper use of whistle:
o One long blast means stop
o Two short toots means go
o Several short toots rapidly used to give a warning or get driver's attention
How to stop traffic:
o Select vehicle to stop & attract attention of driver
o Look directly at driver, point at driver, then raise palm and hold position
o When using flashlight, point beam in direction of oncoming traffic, but not directly in driver's eyes, then use hand signals.
How to start traffic:
o Attract attention of driver
o Turn palm inward, bring the hand up and over
o When using a flashlight, point beam in direction of the driver to gain their attention. Then point beam toward the ground, and indicate with the beam the direction to proceed.
True or False. When submitting a supplement report, the date the report was made is always the date of the original crash?
o False
o It should be the date the change was made
True of False. All operational factors must be shown in the narrative section of a motor vehicle crash report?
If you get involved in a crash, what are the four to five things, you need to leave with other operator:
o Name
o Address
o Motor Vehicle Insurer
o Registration number (license plate number)
o If requested and available, driver's license
True or False. A non-contact unit will not be reported on a crash report form, even if it contributed to the crash, because there was no contact between the vehicles.
o False
o Non-contact traffic units should be identified and reported.
True or False. Multiple vehicle chain reaction crashes will be recorded as a single vehicle crash when the investigator is unable to determine if there were any events that were stabilized between the collisions?
True or False. A collision must be on a CR3 Crash Report when investigated, even if the investigator found no damage or injury?
o False
o A crash must have damage or injury or you don't have a crash
True or False. The location for where the crash occurred on the crash report form is the point of maximum engagement of the vehicles involved?
o False
o It is the point of false harmful event
What are the four components of a crash:
o Motor vehicle in transport
o Trafficway
o Injury or Damage
o Unintended Event
True or False. A chain reaction crash is considered to be a single motor vehicle crash unless a stabilized event situation can be established between several events that may occur in such chain reaction crash?
True or False. The existence of an injury is judged at the scene of the crash and not on a medical examination after the motor vehicle crash.
If a person dies 31 days after the motor vehicle crash, and the death is attributed to injuries sustained in the crash, then the crash will have to be reclassified as a fatality crash?
o False
o Death can occur up to 30 days and effect the original crash report
True or False. Factor 22 - Failure to control speed and Factor 61 - Speeding over the limit in a motor vehicle crash report can be used together for the same unit?
o False
o Pick one
True or False. Factor 45 - Had been drinking is only listed under other factors / conditions section.
o True
o 67 or 68 is what you would use if it is a for sure thing
What is the penalty group for FLID?
o Under $200 = class C
o Over $200 = class B
What do skid marks tell you?
o Placement of vehicles
o Estimating minimum speed loss
o Determining whether wheels were locked by hard braking
What is the cut-off weight for a commercial motor vehicle supplement form on a crash report?
10,001 pounds
What are the four ways of learning about a motor vehicle crash while on patrol?
o Radio / Dispatch
o Passing Motorist - flagged down
o On view
o Drove up on
What factor is it when a driver's lack of attention to the highway or traffic contributes to the crash?
20 - Driver Inattention
What factor is it when a driver involved in a crash had a physical handicap and such condition contributed to the crash?
46 - Handicapped Driver
What factor is it when the driver involved in the motor vehicle crash had a physical or mental illness and such condition contributed to the crash?
47 - Ill
What factor is it when the driver's actions or the actions of others in his/her vehicle are such that a lack of observance and/or vehicle control occurs to the extent that is contributes to the motor vehicle crash?
19 - Distraction in vehicle
When a driver's view is obstructed by the vehicle's load or occupants; or when vehicles and/or objects, on or near the highway obstruct driver's view of pedestrian and/or traffic. Also includes weather or objects/material placed over windows.
48 - Impaired Visibility
An interconnecting roadway of a traffic interchange, or any connection between highways at different levels or between parallel highways, on which vehicles may enter or leave a designated roadway.
The space within the property lines or other boundary lines of any way open to the public as a matter of right or custom for moving persons or property from one place to another.
According to Traffic Crash Investigation and the Instructions To Police For Reporting Crashes, which of the following can be properly used as a reference point for crash that is not in an intersection?
o Distance from the next closest intersection
o Identifiable bridges
o Mile Markers
When failure to use proper caution in obedience to an official traffic control device or a warning sign contributes to a motor vehicle crash?
25 - Failed To Heed Warning Sign
Motor vehicles equipped with flanged wheels and driven upon tracks will be considered _________.
a railway vehicle
A vehicle that contributes to a crash by unusual behavior, but does not sustain damage?
Non-Contact Vehicle
The most inaccurate way of taking measurements?
o Guessing / Estimating
o Second most inaccurate method is pace count
Immediately prior to tire skidding, the tire leaves what kind of mark?
o Shadow
o This is included in the overall skid mark measurements
A commercial motor vehicle hauling a load from El Paso to Dallas is involved in what kind of commerce?
A set of events not under human control is what kind of situation?
Unstabilized Situation
An intersection, or junction, where all roadways cross or join at the same level?
At-Grade Intersection
An occurrence of injury or damage is classified as what kind of event?
Harmful Event
Most difficult element to prove in a hit and run crash is what?
Identity of the driver / suspect
When you go to a scene and you need to take measurements, you always take your measurements from?
The same fixed point
What kind of speed loss may be estimated from skid marks?
Minimal speed loss
Off-set skid marks tell you?
Approximate Point of Impact
Yaw marks indicate what?
Rear wheels tracking outside of front wheels