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  1. the cuticle part of the nail
  2. present in the axilla, dark area around nipples, anal, and genital regions
  3. loose connective and adipose tissue that holds the skin to the underlying organs
  4. outer layer of the skin has 5 layers
  5. responds to increase body temp. cool the body by evaporation
  6. bluish discoloration of the skin caused by lack of oxygen in the blood

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  1. Flushingredness of the skin often related to a fever


  2. Pallormade up of hard keratine (protein)


  3. Arrector Pilibottom layer of the skin has a framework of connective tissue


  4. Melaninskin pigment produced in the epidermis, screens out UV rays


  5. Sudoriferous Glandssweat glands found in most parts of the skin, coil like tubes


  6. nailsmade up of hard keratine (protein)