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  1. sweat glands found in most parts of the skin, coil like tubes
  2. redness of the skin often related to a fever
  3. yellow pigment, source of vitamin A
  4. protection, body temp, excretion, synthesis of vitamin D, sensory reception
  5. made up of hard keratine (protein)
  6. loose connective and adipose tissue that holds the skin to the underlying organs

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  1. nail rootmade up of hard keratine (protein)


  2. Arrector Pilibottom layer of the skin has a framework of connective tissue


  3. Sebaceous Glandsoily glands connected to the hair follicles produces sebum, saclike structures


  4. Apocrine glandpresent in the axilla, dark area around nipples, anal, and genital regions


  5. Epidermisouter layer of the skin has 5 layers


  6. Eponychiumouter layer of the skin has 5 layers