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Nutrition Chapter 8

Which of the following identifies a specific food intake behavior?
A desire to eat without feelings of hunger is called appetite
After consuming a very large meal, the desire to eat a slice of chocolate cake is an example of behavior known as
In what region of the body is the storage of excess body fat associated with the highest risks for cardiovascular disease and diabetes?
inflammation is a charcterized by an increase in
immune cells
The major cause of insulin resistane is related to
excess body weight
what is the primaryfactor that differentiates bulimia nervose from binge eating?
purging is rarely practice in the binge eating disorder
Obesity resulting from an increase in the numbers of fat cells is termed
hyperplastic obesity
Is known to cause a reduction in fat cell number in mice?
injection of leptin
Feature of ghrelin
Stimulates appetite and energy storage
The drug sibutramine reduce appetite by affecting
serotonin utilization in the brain
An important aid in any weight-loss diet program is to
increase physical activity
A relation of "spot reducing" to exercise?
noexercise can target fat removal from any specific are of the body.
To estimate the energy requirements of individuals, which of the following was used in the equations by the DRI Committee?
Factor associated with interpretation of composition values?
it is possible that muscular people maybe classifield as overweight
Range of the body fat content for normal-weight women?
Anorexia nervose is most common in
female adolescents
Obesity resulting from an increase in the size of fat cells is termed
hypertrophic obesity
is a characteristic of the body's major types of adipose tissue
Very little brown fat is found in adults whereas more is seen in infants
12. All of the following are sensible guidelines for diet plans except
A) consume low-fat foods regularly.
B) eat rapidly to avoid prolonged contact with food.
C) adjust energy intake downward as weight loss progresses.
D) include vegetables, fruits, and grains as the mainstay of the diet
An example of a behavior modification technique for weight control is to
keep a record of your eating habits