WH Unit 6 Study Guide: Asia, Africa, and America

Crane World History unit 6 study guide

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Mandate of Heaven
Authority given by the Gods to the emporer
The process of sticking needles into the human body to reduce stress or pain.
Civil Service Examination
a test to find candidates for government positions
People being of importance in the chinese society
First version of a calculator kinda.
very expensive Porcelain in the west after the qin emperor.
Religion that believes in spirits being in all natural objects. Religion of Japan. Similar to animism.
military commanders command battles and run things behind their throne.
Japanese knights and Warriors. Often carried swords and other traditional weapons
The code of honor for Samurai's.
A act of suicide when warriors lost a battle and felt they dishonored their superiors.
Means "Divine Wind". It is also a japanese plane loaded with explosives that would deliberately crash into enemies.
Tale of the Genji
The world's first novel wrote by Lady Murasaki. It is about the affairs of a Japanese prince.
Women would break their feet, so that they would be pointed. This was found attractive in their society.
Zen Buddhism
Basically Japanese Buddhism. The Samurai warriors admired the religion for its discipline.
land bridge
A bridge from Asia to Alaska that allowed native Americans could cross into America.
Using knotted ropes to keep track of numerical data.
A capital of china with a population of approximately 2 million people
Peoples who conquered the
Kush around 350 AD.
Christian empire in Africa that would make their churches out of stone
Also is the title given to a King. This was one of the kingdoms in West Africa. The upper class of this kingdom eventually converted to Islam.
This kingdom took over Ghana and became a bigger and more powerful kingdom
Djenne Mosque
Famous site in Mali. Unusual because it is made of mud. They often have to "Re-mud" the outside.
One of the greatest cities of Mansa Musa
A city in modern Kenya. Is a big trade city on the indian ocean
A big trade city in modern day Somalia.
Great Zimbabwe
A south african city that had a great wall surrounding the city.
Capital city of the Aztecs
Location of the Olmecs, the Aztecs, and the Mayans
Where the Incas lived. In south america
Capital city of the incas with a population of 10 million people.
Machu Picchu
Great city built by the Incas that was discovered in 1911.
Shih Huang-di
Emperor who reunified China after the Warring States Period that caused the collapse of the last Chinese dynasty.
Kublai Khan
Leader of the mongol invasion of the Songs. Descendant of Chinghis Khan's.
Marco Polo
Venetian merchant and traveler. Accounts of his travels to China gave Europeans a view of Asian lands and introduced asian trade.
Family that ruled Japan. They sent young to china to study and learn.
Lady Murasaki
Wrote the Tale of Genji
Very powerful japanese feudal family.
Mansa Musa
Great king of Mali. Known for one of his greatest city, TImbuktu. Became very rich because of his gold
Aztec emperor who was defeated and was killed by Cortes.
Famous for conquering the Aztecs
Famous for conquering the Incas
Ibn Battuta
Muslim traveler that came to Mali and described it in his book. Known as a muslim Marco Polo
How was Shih Huang-di's rule Legalist?
He reunified China and ruled over the poor.
What were Shih Huang-di's accomplishments?
He reunified China after the Warring States period. Was a great general that conquered the many parts of China.
What were some Chinese inventions during this Post-Classical era?
Moveable wooden type for making newspapers, the waterwheel, the Abacus, a water clock, and Gunpowder
What was the name of the great "classical" Chinese dynasty?
The Qin dynasty
What was the name of the great "post-classical" Chinese Dynasty?
The song Dynasty
Which Asian people willingly copied Chinese culture?
Describe feudalism in Japan.
In a five hundred year time-span, a system of government in which rich people fought over land without a strong central government was present.
Which African kingdom became and remains a Christian people?
What products did Africans trade?
Gold, salt, ivory, slaves, and animal skins.
Why did Europeans assume Zimbabwe was built by Europeans?
Europeans thought that Africans could not have built it. They thought africans were not capable of building something so extravagant.
What are the 4 main Central and South American crops discovered by the Spanish?
Maize (corn), Potatoes, beans, and squash.
Why do some scholars see a human link between America and Egypt?
Because Native Americans also built Pyramids and had writing and numbering systems.
What was the purpose of Aztec human sacrifice?
Aztecs believed their "Chief God" had to be fed with human blood.
How were Incas and Aztecs different?
The Aztecs farmed using a lake, while the Incas grew a variety of potatoes. Aztecs also participated in "flower wars".
How were Incas and Aztec similar?
They both practiced human sacrifices and they were both conquered.