Latin Vocab Petronius Chapter 1

58 terms by james_wooten

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Chapters 1-5 Millionaire's Dinner Party Vocab

absum, abesse, afui

to be away, to be distant/absent

accedo, - ere, -cessi, -cessum

to approach

accuro, -ere, -curri, -cursum

to run to

aedes, aedium

a house

ago, agere, egi, actum

to drive; to do, perform; to spend (of time)

altus, -a, -um

high, deep


(prep. with acc.) at the house of

aqua, -ae


aspicio,-spicere, -spexi, -spectum

to look at, see


to catch sight of


to look at, examine

atrium, -i


aurum, -i


aureus, -a, -um


aut... aut

either.... or

balneum, -i (balnea)

a bath (the baths)

cado, - ere, cecidi, casum

I fall

caput, capitis


capio, capere, cepi, captum

to take

accipio, -ere, -cepi, -ceptum

to receive


to receive, to catch


to take back, recover

caveo, -ere, cavi, cautum

to beware, be cautious of

celer, celeris, celere


cena, -ae



to dine

coepi, coepisse

i began

comes, comitis

a companion


i try

crus, cruris


debeo, debere, debui, debitus

to owe, ought


then, next

delibero, deliberare, deliberavi, deliberatus

to reflect, think about


last, finally

digitus, -i


diligens, dilgentis


disco, -ere, didici

to learn

divitiae, divitiarum


do, dare, dedi, datum

to give


thither, there

eo, ire, ivi/ii, -itum

to go

abeo, ire, ii, itum

to go away

exeo, exire, exivi(ii), exitus

to go out

redeo, redire, redivi(ii), reditus

to go back, return

erro, errare, erravi, erratus

to wander, make a mistake

exerceo, exercere, exercui, exercitus

to exercise

facio, facere, feci, factum

to make, to do

fero, fere, tuli, latum

to carry, bear

affero, afferre, attuli, allatum

to carry to, carry in

refero, referre, rettuli, relatum

to report

figo, -ere, fixi, fixum [affigo, -ere...]

to fix, fatsen

finio, finire, finivi, finitus

to finish

fortis, forte

brave, strong

frango, frangere, fregim fractum

to break

fundo, fundere, fudi, fusum

to pour

effundo, effundere, effudi, effusus [infundo, -ere...]

to pour out [to pour into]

habeo, habere, habui, habitus

to have, consider

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