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The Miracle Worker study guide

What is the setting for most of the play?
Alabama, 1880's
Who is the author of the play?
William Gibson
Who is the "miracle worker" in the play?
Annie Sullivan
What is a symbol of Helen's feelings for Annie used in Act I and Act III?
the keys
What is the purpose of the flashbacks?
to provide information for the reader or audience
What is Annie's background?
She grew up in an asylum for the poor.
What is one example of an internal conflict is
Annie's need for employment vs. her hot temper
What is one of the places the play is set
The Keller homestead in Alabama
One external conflict in the play is between which two people?
James and Captain Keller
Who is Jimmie?
Annie's brother who dies
What is one theme of the play?
Who said, "You really should put her away, Father,"?
What method of character development is heavily used in The Miracle Worker?
What does the word spinster mean?
an older unmarried woman
What does the word impudence mean?
How old was Annie when she started working with Helen?
What does the word feigned mean?
faked or pretended
The fact that Annie came to work for the Kellers to earn a little money and ended up loving Helen for about 50 years is an example of what literary device?
Using actions or dialog that hint at what might happen later in a story is what literary device?
What are two characteristics that could be used to describe Helen?
curious and spoiled
What is one adjective that could be used to describe Annie?
How does Helen signal that she would like her mother?
she touches her cheek
What is Helen's first word as a six month old?
Wah Wah (water)