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-Truman Doctrine committed the US to intervene throughout the world in order to "contain" the spread of communism.
-Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1952-1960, democrat, believed in containment policy, intervened in Guatemala in 1954. Saw Jacobo Arbenz (Socialist) as a communist because he wanted land reformation, so Eisenhower had CIA train Carlos Castillo Armas', competitor of Arbenz, army. They overthrew Arbenz and Armas ruled as a dictator for 30 years.
-Eisenhower also intervened in a debate about the Suez Canal in 1956. Egypt and Israel have border conflict, Israel enters Egypt and takes the Gaza Strip. As a result, Egypt builds up its military and buys guns from the USSR, which is a red flag to US. US, in return tries to ally with Egypt and promises them the Aswan Dam. This conflict increased social influence in the Middle East, increased US involvement in the Middle East, Prompted the Eisenhower Doctrine--Empowered the US to use force in the Middle East to protect Arab nations against any nations.
-John F. Kennedy, 1961-1963, democrat, believed in containment policy, intervened at the Bay of Pigs, Cuba in 1961. April 17, 1961, Fidel Castro, communist, had been under power since 1959. JFK had a plan for Cubans to invade Cuba and have Cubans rise against Castro--plan failed and Castro asked USSR to place nuclear weapons on the Island.
-JFK also intervened in Berlin, Germany in 1961. Citizens in East Germany would escape to West Germany to be free from Communism. USSR, Nikita Khrushchev wanted the allies out of West Berlin. Met with JFK and could not come up with a solution. USSR built a wall in East Berlin, which symbolized the Cold War.
-Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, U-2, US spy planes, were sent to spy on Cuba, they found Cuba had missile launch sites. JFK had two options to remove the missiles, a surgical air strike, or a naval blockade. He used the naval blockade, the US Navy blocks USSR from bringing more missiles to Cuba. 5 USSR ships stopped short of the quarantine line and sat there for a couple of days. USSR sent a telegram to JFK agreeing to remove the missiles from Cuba if he publicly announced not to invade Cuba and remove missiles from Turkey.
-Richard Nixon, 1968-1974, Republican, believed in the containment policy. Intervened in Chile in 1973. Salvador Allende, socialist leader, which alarmed the US. The US locked loans to Chile, CIA financed challengers of Allende, financed and trained the military that killed Allende, financed trucker strike that paralyzed the economy. Dictator, Augusto Pinochet took power.